My Big Fat Israeli Wedding: When 2 worlds collide

In honor of Tu Be'Av, the Jewish holiday of love, we get the inside scoop at another beautiful wedding.

Sara and Beni's wedding  (photo credit: Jen Sladkov)
Sara and Beni's wedding
(photo credit: Jen Sladkov)
This week, in honor of Tu Be'Av, we've decided to feature another beautiful real wedding that makes us feel as if we are going off to faraway places.

Sara and Beni are both Olim Hadashim who moved to Israel when they were children. Sara is originally from New Zealand and Beni from Germany. They met seven years ago in Israel and became good friends. It took five years for their friendship to develop into a relationship, and Sara tells us she made the move when learning that Beni was about to leave the country to live elsewhere. Two months before his flight, she confessed her love to him abruptly. It took Beni a week to decide what to do with this information, but after asking Sara out on their first official date it was smooth sailing.They both left Israel a few years ago to study in New Zealand, but after getting engaged knew that they wouldn't have their wedding anywhere else. A few months ago they jumped on a long flight to tie the knot in an intimate wedding at Villa Socca, surrounded by close family and friends that came from all over the world to rejoice with them.With these beautiful and happy pictures by Jen Sladkov we enter the weekend, and wish Sara and Beni joy, happiness and a great life together.Vital statistics
Venue: Villa Socca
Photographer: Jen Sladkov
Video: Colorfool
Bridal Gown: Vera Wang
Hair: Diana Frenkel
Makeup: Diana Frenkel
Groom Attire: Zara
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