My Big Fat Israeli Wedding: A tale of two cities

Anya and Daniel flew to Jerusalem from Denmark to tie the knot at an intimate event for 40 close family and friends.

Anya and Daniel's wedding (photo credit: Courtesy)
Anya and Daniel's wedding
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Anya and Daniel recently flew to Jerusalem from Denmark to get married in an intimate and beautiful wedding. Anya's story is so unique that we thought for a change to let her tell it to you herself:

"It’s hard to say when it all began but I will start with the day when I decided to quit my successful life as a singer in Copenhagen. I had for years been working hard in the music business and things where going the right way. I was a red carpet girl so to speak and definitely one of the “cool chicks” around town.I had the perfect life, a life everybody else wanted and yet, there was a deep void inside. So I left the stage, one day out of the blue, not daring to look back ... not knowing what was to become of me. I was petrified, to say the least.I started studying Hebrew at Copenhagen University and simply taking it from there began to connect with the Chassidic community in Denmark. Today, eight years later, I live a Chassidic life as a modern Chabad girl. A life I would not trade for anything. It has created for me a world of beauty and with its profound wisdom, leaves me breathless and radiant every day. With all its challenges included.Since the Jewish community in Denmark is tiny by default over the years I slowly grew disillusioned with the prospect of finding love. Until one day a young and very beautiful man knocked on my door. 'Anya,' he said. 'I know who you are, I know what you are about and I know how you live. It is not how you look, but whom you are that I care for. I know there are rules and I will adapt to them, tell me what to do and I will. I want to be part of your life, the rest is up to you.'"That day the love story between Anya and Daniel began, and it peaked at an intimate event for 40 close family and friends at Jerusalem's Chan Theater this past spring. Planned completely via email with their wedding planner, Kim Bulow, Anya and Daniel began their married life together they way they had imagined and with all the details they had dreamed about. Mazal Tov!The vital statisticsVenue: Chan TheaterPlanner: Kim BulowFloral & Design: Kim BulowCatering: Cezzane CateringMusic: Melody Cliezemers Lian Matias is the founder of Hatunot Blog, an English resource blog for planning a wedding in Israel. For more wedding inspiration and tips on planning an Israeli wedding visit the blog here: