Out and About: Top 10 things to do

From puppets to Andy Warhol, chamber music to klezmer, we've got your list of what's hot this weekend.

The Jerusalem-based Kolben Dance Company 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
The Jerusalem-based Kolben Dance Company 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
See Jason run
In the thriller Redemption an ex-special forces soldier on the run from a court martial navigates London’s criminal underworld. Seizing an opportunity to assume another man’s identity, he becomes an avenging angel in the process. With Jason Statham, Agatha Buzek, Vicky McClure.
Mix it up a little
Animix, the International Animation, Comics and Caricature Festival, is celebrating its bar mitzva August 9 to 13 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, offering a varied selection of Israeli and foreign films, as well as workshops.
To order tickets, call (03) 606-0800, ext. 1. www.cinema.co.il.
Enjoy complimentary klezmer
The 26th annual klezmer festival in Safed will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rich program includes Amir Benayun, Avraham Tal, Yonatan Razel and many more. All performances are free.
For the full program, go to www.klezmerf.com/index/ program.
Paint it forward
New York community artist Max Levy Frieder will conduct a three-week project at Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv. Families are invited to join the artist in painting “the future” on a 40-meter-long canvas. For ages 4-100, about two hours.
Sunday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call (03) 745-7808 for reservations.
Take your poppets to the puppets
The Train Theater’s 22nd International Puppet Festival in Jerusalem will host the leading Thai Puppet Theater this year, alongside other Asian shows.

Sunday to Thursday, at the First Station Compound
Watch Kolben at Hot Dance
The Jerusalem-based Kolben Dance Company presents Kmehin as part of the Hot Dance Festival at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.
Tomorrow at 10 p.m. For tickets and more information, call (02) 624-3365.

Join the French fan club
French rock star Patrick Bruel will perform in Tel Aviv next Thursday. Some 5,000 enthusiastic French fans are expected to attend.
8:30 p.m. at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds, Building 1.
Sing along at a Shabbat ceremony
Bring in Shabbat at the Tel Aviv Port with the Israeli Beit Tefila at sundown. The ceremony, which takes place every Friday evening during the summer, involves local musicians, guests and tourists who join in the singing and the reading.
At the North Deck, 6:30 p.m. Free.
Live large
Andy Warhol’s large-format works will be the center of a new exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Other attractions include works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tom Wesselmann and Adam McEwen.
From August 8.
Queue up for quintessential quintets
The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival returns to the YMCA on August 28, and this year the focus is on quintets. Top musicians from around the world will participate in the festival under the artistic direction of Elena Bashkirova. Tickets to the popular concerts usually run out quickly, so make your reservations now.

To reserve, call (02) 625-0444. For a full program, visit www.jcmf.org.il.