STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of February 4th

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: This is the week for getting things done, so roll up your sleeves and be prepared for a hectic few days.
AQUARIUS (AIR)JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18Your mood swings from passive to active; from pessimistic to optimistic and from foggy to clear as you begin to make some extremely important decisions. Take your time, you don’t have to rush. In the meantime, your family and friends are rallying with advice, love and offerings of a shoulder to lean on. Try to be a little more frugal on Monday and Tuesday. HINT: As the week progresses you may feel the need to hibernate a little—indulge yourself!
PISCES (WATER)FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20You have so many feelings all bottled up inside of you that there are moments when even the smallest incident can cause you to either burst out crying or  explode in a rage. Take a step back and relax. Once you find the source of your unrest, you will be able to deal with the problem simply and quickly. Your family continues to bring you joy but you are weary from taking care of them all the time. HINT: Take some time for a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.
ARIES (FIRE)MARCH 21-APRIL 19This is the week for meetings. Do your homework and be prepared to answer some interesting and complicated questions. You have the experience, the charm and the ability to express yourself concisely and accurately. At home you need to pay a little more attention to your partner and/or mate. This person has been a constant source of support for you and it is time you expressed your appreciation. HINT: Wednesday is your day for pampering yourself.
TAURUS---EARTHAPRIL 20-MAYYour career is uppermost in your mind right now and soon you will have to make a decision as to which course of action you are going to take. You have many options so don’t let your insecurities take control. You are in a far better situation today than you were, and many doors are going to be open to you. When you are ready, you will make your choice. HINT: You long to find yourself sitting in a plush seat of a plane flying to some foreign destination.
GEMINI (AIR)MAY 21-JUNE 21Always looking for something new and exciting, you prefer planning a project to carrying it through to the end. Before you commit yourself to working with someone new and unknown, as a lot of questions. The marriage is always exciting but the divorce is never pleasant. When speaking to another air sign take care to ensure that this person really understands where you are coming from. A breakdown in communication can cause you both some uncomfortable moments. HINT: Money and finances should improve in the next few weeks.                                                                              CANCER (WATER)JUNE 22-JULY 22Your relationship with your partner and/or mate continues to improve as you keep working together on issues that are important to you both. By maintaining a friendly dialogue you are able to overcome your different personalities and accomplish far more than you would alone. You can’t avoid change, no matter how much you try, but, remember, every time a door closes a window of opportunity opens. HINT: Take some time this weekend to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.
Although you continue working hard, you enjoy what you are doing and take pleasure from the people you come into contact with. There simply isn’t enough time to accomplish everything you would like, no matter how much you try. Set your priorities and you will be less stressed and frustrated. HINT: Your relationship with a partner and/or mate is intense this week and now is a good time for clearing the air and starting to work together.
Money and finances are on your mind right now but there is not much more that you can do to hurry things along. In the meantime, continue asking questions and taking meticulous notes. In the coming weeks you will have answers to most of your questions. This is the week for working hard and the more organized you are, the better. Wherever possible reach out to someone you trust to lend a helping hand. HINT: Your relationship with another earth sign is much more pleasant this week.
Finally, after months of hard work you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is becoming huge! You deserve all the accolades you are receiving. Only through hard work and constant perseverance were you able to get where you are today. Time spent at home will be a little more hectic than you had bargained for, but it can’t be avoided. HINT: You have so many wonderful ideas and rather than trying to remember everything, begin taking notes.
Once again, your thoughts turn to your home and the changes you wish to make. These changes could include a major renovation, or even a move to another town or city. The final choice continues to be yours, but you have a lot of factors which need to be calculated into the equation before announcing your decision. HINT: This is a good time for open discussions as you are ready to talk about what interests you and what you deem important
Although things are moving forward in the direction you want, there is still someone who is not ready to let go of the power and give you the autonomy you need and deserve. Be patient. All will work out. You need to pay close attention to your financial situation before making any spectacular decisions. HINT: Take the time to build a stronger bridge between yourself and a sibling or two. It is time you made a move to strengthening the relationship.
Never one to do things half-way, you are not ready to lower your high standards just because a colleague or two are not willing to put in the extra effort. You know what is right and will continue pushing yourself to higher and higher accomplishments. Financially, this is the time for putting a little more aside for either a trip in the summer or for a major purchase you have been contemplating. HINT: The difficulties from the past are behind you, and now is the time to bask in the light and look towards your future.