That’s Lifestyle: Food, glorious kosher food

Lifestyle Editor wraps up the week: Doughy bread winners; fall comfort food; expert wine tasting tips.

Pear Pleasure (photo credit: MCT)
Pear Pleasure
(photo credit: MCT)
Some weeks it’s travel, some weeks it’s food and wine, and some weeks it’s Jewish celebrities that feature highly on the Lifestyle section. This week was certainly one where food and wine took center stage.
Neria Barr showcased some great bread recipes from Erez Komarovsky, the man behind the famous Erez bakeries and restaurants. The innovative recipes included yogurt and olive bread, a special halla and a quick apple cake.
The team at decided that the slight chill in the air justified bringing out the fall recipe repetoire, offering up some comforting recipes including Baked Spaghetti Pie, Moroccan Lamb Stew and Lentil Stew. Chef Laura Frankel also went for a seasonal option and gave detailed instructions of how to make the perfect not-so-summer salad, otherwise known as Tangy Autumn Apple and Beet Salad.
With apples usually the preferred fruit when it comes to baking, pears usually don’t get a look in. Susan Chag changed all that with a whole host of recipes featuring pears as the star attraction. Who knew pears could be so versatile?
Meirav Chan was lucky enough to check out the Cucina Tamar Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv that recently had somewhat of a menu makeover thanks to an Italian chef all the way from, you guessed it, Italy.
We all know that no good meal, whether home-cooked or at a restaurant, is complete without the perfect glass of wine. That’s why resident wine expert Adam Montefiore was on hand with his trusted tips on wine tasting, which included how to serve, see, swirl, sniff, sip, swish, slurp, swallow or spit, and finally savor.
Leaving fine dining and wine behind, alternative health expert Natalie Marx gave some great advice for the more sporty among us. To coincide with the Nike Nightrun Tel Aviv, she explained what foods are best to eat in the lead-up to a long race as well as which specific vitamins or minerals are best to take.
Over to travel, Wayne Stiles travelled to the Golan Heights to uncover some hidden gems, while Joe Yudin looked at how continuous archaeological digs taking place at Megiddo every year has changed the way we look at the entire history of Israel. Interesting stuff.
For a dose of “Bling Bling,” Ella Rosen caught up with H.Stern's CEO in Israel, Israel Kurt, to talk to him about the direction the company is going in and a new line currently being led by none other than model Bar Refaeli.
As if that wasn’t enough “bling” for one week, Loren Minsky showed us that the Dome of the Rock is not the only gold attraction in Jerusalem that’s worth checking out. Her rundown of the Top 5 jewelry stores in the capital is a must for anyone that goes along with the idea that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend.
Next week, Tanya Powell-Jones will be giving us the lowdown on how best to spend a day seeing the Jewish sights of Copenhagen, while the team at Taste TLV will be showing us the best places to people watch in the city that never sleeps.
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