That’s Lifestyle: Obama takes center stage

Lifestyle editor weekly wrap-up: Copenhagen’s Jewish surprises, fun at the Dead Sea, after hours in Old City.

Midweek Getaway (photo credit: courtesy)
Midweek Getaway
(photo credit: courtesy)
It’s not often that a big news event takes over most of the spots saved for softer stories and features on the JPost homepage. This week, however, the JPost Lifestyle section took a backseat to a certain election taking place in a certain country thousands of miles away. Due to’s extensive coverage of the US presidential elections, there was a slight decrease in lifestyle content featured, but that doesn’t mean there was a complete lack of recipes, travel tips and celebrity news. 
Far away from the US, Tanya Powell-Jones brought us an interesting insight into the Jewish history of Copenhagen. Her tips for a day of Jewish sightseeing in Denmark’s capital included synagogues, museums and markets.
Always on hand to unearth hidden gems in the Holy Land, Wayne Stiles took us on a journey through the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem to see the large groves of olive trees at the base of the Mount of Olives that were once the meeting place for Jesus and his disciples.
There’s religious tourism and then there’s relaxing tourism. This lifestyle editor prefers the relaxing kind and this review of the recently-renovated Daniel Hotel  at the Dead Sea should confirm that.
Then there is the type of tourism that includes a mix of just about everything. Loren Minsky’s run down of the top 5 nighttime in Jerusalem’s Old City was an example of this.
Moving away from travel altogether, this feature on Orthodox British pop sensation Alex Clare showed that he is just as comfortable sitting down with a nice challenging page of Talmud as he is singing on stage.
It wouldn’t be a weekly wrap-up without some food-related articles. The team at asked some of the best kosher chefs in the world to share their recipes. Here are the results.
Neria Barr took her inspiration from elsewhere this week and showcased recipes from a new cookbook that offers a host of favorite recipes created at the exclusive Carmel Forest Spa Resort.
Next week there won’t be any elections to get in the way and order shall be restored to the JPost Lifestyle section. Look out for more top 5s, an interview with upcoming Israelis designers and coverage of Tel Aviv Fashion Week.
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