Wine ‘n’ cheese(cake)

This holiday, match the two. The newest returning trend of rosé wines also seems perfect for the upcoming hot days and celebratory meals.

Cheese cake (photo credit: Courtesy)
Cheese cake
(photo credit: Courtesy)
As in every year, bakeries around the country get ready for Shavuot weeks in advance, preparing their very best cheesecakes and other holiday favorites. In recent years, wineries and wine importers have also started to offer specials for the holiday, mainly white semi-sweet and dry wines. The newest returning trend of rosé wines also seems perfect for the upcoming hot days and celebratory meals. Enjoy!
1. BAKERY – The chic Tel Aviv chain offers a rich collection of cheesecakes, both traditional and more creative, as well as savory breads and other cheesefilled goodies. We especially loved the Tart patissiere with cheese, apricots and cardamom (NIS 72) and the amarone cherry and cheese strudel (NIS 52). Available in three Tel Aviv locations. Call (03) 537-1041.
2. BERMAN – The Jerusalem veteran bakery has very reasonably priced kosher cheesecakes, which will keep well in the refrigerator. Among the classics are the cheese streusel (NIS 27), and the delicate yeast roll (NIS 27). There are also a few sugarfree cakes worth trying. There are three locations in Jerusalem – Givat Shaul, Mahaneh Yehuda and Rabbi Akiva Street.
3. BISCOTTI – The kosher Bnei Brak bakery offers deliveries to all parts of the country. In its collection try the Sicilian cheesecake with pistachio, chocolate and citrus peel (NIS 58 for a strip or NIS 108 to NIS 164 for round cakes). We also loved the classic New York-style cheesecake and the savory krantz. Call for a detailed list, (03) 570-4015/8.
4. BROWN – The high-end café-bakery located in northern Tel Aviv offers a special holiday collection of both sweet and savory dairy baked goods including ricotta brioche with cherries (NIS 26), Roquefort bread (NIS 23) and more. 10 Nissim Aloni street, G compound, (03) 934-4955.
5. CRUST – Master baker Yaron Ben Harush delivers his hand-baked breads and cakes to clients’ homes. In the Shavuot collection he offers a classic baked cheesecake (NIS 45-NIS 120), a yeast cheesecake (NIS 39) and more. In the savory collection try the antipasti flake pastry (NIS 45) and cheese quiche (NIS 60). For more details call (09) 887-8226 or go to 6. DALLAL BAKERY – Aner Zalel and his staff at the Neveh Tzedek bakery also have a rich collection of sweet and savory baked goods for the holiday, including the best classic New York-style baked cheesecake (NIS 95), great savory breads with cheeses and vegetables and more. You have to go there to choose – open daily until 5 p.m.
and closed on the eve of Shavuot. 7 Kol Yisrael Haverim Street, Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv.
7. LEHAMIM – The celebrated bakery chain has many specials for the holidays, including a beautiful and delicious cheesecake with crème fraîche and fresh fruit (NIS 95), sugar-free cheesecake (NIS 59), ricotta streusel (NIS 36) and more. We also loved the Gouda cheese bread and the marzipan halla (NIS 39). For more information go to (Cover photo).
8. METUKA – The chain and catering service offers, like every year, a very rich collection, including blintzes, both savory ad sweet, quiches, and of course many different cheesecakes including a great familysize tiramisu (NIS 149), and cheese and raspberry-mousse strip (NIS 65). Kosher, for more details visit 9. MOVING BAKERY – Eliran Daphni has created his cheesecake collection for the Dizengoff-based café and bakery. Try the baked mascarpone cake with the raspberry topping and rich nutty pastry – to die for – (NIS 85) or the brownie-based cold cheesecake with the espresso topping (NIS 80). 308 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 544-1174.
10. OREN BECKER BOUTIQUE – The master baker who recently opened a new boutique bakery at the Sarona compound in Tel Aviv offers his very beautiful and tasty desserts and cakes for the holiday including baked classics, as well as many options for those who have special needs. For sugar-free try the ricotta krantz with cinnamon crumble, or the gluten-free cheese mousse. The bakery also offers many quiches and savory baked goods.
Open daily, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. 24 David Elazar Street, Sarona, Tel Aviv, (03) 650-0773.
11. DUDU OUTMEZGINE – The celebrity chef offers many high-end desserts, baked with Master Chef flour. The Outmezgine chain of bakeries offers handmade specials including mascarpone mille-feuille (NIS 85) and fruit Charlotte cake.
12. PETIT FOOD – The kosher catering service offers special collections to be delivered to homes and offices. In the collection, blintzes trays (NIS 150 for 20), and more. In the home collection they offer many cheese tarts and classic cheesecakes. We loved the brioche halla with Brie and cranberries (NIS 36), and the cheese and fresh-fruit tart (NIS 135). An almond kugelhopf baked in a small terracotta planter seems like a great gift idea (NIS 48). For deliveries to all parts of the country call (03) 537-2202.
13. ROLADIN – The café and bakeries chain offers its usual great collection of baked and cream cheesecakes, breads and savory quiches. Try the baked classic cheesecake sold in a reusable baking form – as a great gift (NIS 90), the tiramisu (NIS 99) or the cheese babka with cranberries (NIS 45). For more details go to, or call (09) 899-9927.
and wine...
Summer is here and Shavuot is the best time to start drinking white and rosé wines.
Many wineries and wine shops offer special deals on white wines for Shavuot – look for them.
1848 – Emerald Riesling 2013 – Classic wine from a boutique winery; fruity with aromas of peach and honey and golden color, to be drunk with desserts and cheeses.(NIS 60)
AMPHORAE – Rhyton Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – A dry 100% sauvignon blanc, with fresh fruits flavors and a hint of citrus, enriched by exotic notes of tropical fruits. Excellent with the holiday favorites and throughout the summer. (NIS 95)
CARMEL – Carmel Vineyards Chardonnay Merom Hagalil 2013 – Excellent dry chardonnay from selected vineyards.
The wine is full-bodied and has aromas of apple, peach and almonds.
Serve with pasta, fish and vegetables. (NIS 65) CARMEL – Carmel Vineyards Viognier 2013 – From the same series, it is golden and light, with nice acidity and whitefruit aromas. Serve with risotto, salmon and even Asian food. (NIS 65)
DALTON – Semillon Elkosh Vineyard 2013 – Rich and creamy, with a note of lemon zest and citrus. The wine is long on the finish and shows great finesse. (NIS 92)
DALTON – Chardonnay 2013 – Un-oaked, light and aromatic, with notes of citrus, apple and peach, a great summer wine. (NIS 61)
BINYAMINA - Reserve Roussanne 2012 – From the Gilboa Hills, fresh and lively, with citrus and white flowers aromas. This wine is great with fish and pasta. (NIS 73).
RECANATI – White Yasmin 2012 / Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc – A fresh and aromatic wine, with notes of melon and tropical fruit.  Serve with fish, salads and pasta or on its own. (NIS 42).
TABOR Adama Roussanne 2012 – A light, fruity wine, combining aromas of citrus, apples and tropical fruit, light color and very crisp with an attractive lemony color. (NIS 60).
TABOR - Tlalim Chardonnay 2012 – one of the wines in the new Adama II series launched this year. It is a very aromatic and fresh chardonnay, made from selected grapes grown in the Ramat Sirin in the Golan Heights. Harmonious and fruity, with notes of typical butter and wood. (NIS 75).
TEPERBERG – Gewurztraminer Terra 2013 – Light green in color, it’s a very light, sweet wine. Serve with cheesecakes and fruit, as well as Asian food and rich quiches. (NIS 59) TEPERBERG – Sauvignon Blanc Terra 2013 – A dry and crispy wine with the typical light-green color, herbal aromas and nice acidity.
Serve with mature goat cheeses and fish. (NIS 49)
TULIP – White Tulip 2013 – A delightful, light, easy-to-drink dry wine with a golden-yellow color and fruity aromas of tropical fruit.
Serve with Asian food, fish and fruit. (NIS 69) ROSÉ WINES BINYAMINA – Yogev Malbec Carignan 2012 – A dry rosé wine with red fruit aromas and pretty pink color. Serve with fish and Asian food, as well as an aperitif. (NIS 52)
RECANATI – Rosé 2013, Manara Vineyard – A fruity and light wine. Serve as an aperitif or with Asian food. (NIS 69).
TEPERBERG – Rosé Silver 2013 – Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, the rosé is typically fruity and with good balance. Serve with fish and vegetables, or as an aperitif.
TRIO – Spirit Hagalil Rosé – From the kosher boutique Upper Galilee Winery, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Light pink color, aromas of cherries and raspberries and green herbs. Very dry, yet fruity.  Enjoy throughout the summer. (NIS 70)
IMPORTED BARON HERZOG – Chenin Blanc – A white semi-dry, made by the largest kosher wine producer in the US. (NIS 45)
BARTENURA OVADIA ESTATES – Morellino di Scansano Pinot Grigio – Italian kosher dry white wine that’s crispy, fruity and light. Serve with pizza and pasta dishes. (NIS 45)
MASI – Masianco; Pinot Grigio e Verduzzo delle Venezie – A very fresh and aromatic white wine. The color is very light golden-green, with citrus and honey aromas, as well as pear and apricot. Fantastic as an aperitif, or with vegetables and fish. (Not kosher)
MASI – Rosé di Masi 2013 – A lovely and elegant rosé from Italy, very fruity and fresh, the wine is an ideal aperitif or with pasta and light dishes. The color is a beautiful peach and aromas of red fruit. Enjoy now. (NK)
BARON HERZOG – Chardonnay Jeunesse – A white semi-sweet wine. Very fresh and flowery, with peach and ripe pear aromas. (NIS 45) (K)
 ZUR – Gewurztraminer Vielles Vignes – A sweet dessert white semi-sweet wine from Alsace, France. Notes of violets, rosé and pine. Yellow with a hint of pink. Serve with desserts or with sharp cheeses. (NIS 45) (K)
VEUVE CLIQUOT – Yellow Label Champagne – Last but certainly not least, the real queen of wine and the absolute perfect way to celebrate any event is to crackopen a bottle of real champagne.
Veuve Cliquot deserves more than this mention, and has many vintages and a wonderful rosé, but the globally popular Yellow Label is still and will probably always be a crowd pleaser. (NIS 399 to NIS 499) (NK).