Work in Progress: 21st century job search

Social networks: Be there or be square. Online networks can keep you connected across long and short distances.

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Social network
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Social media and job search networks are a key component for today’s job seekers. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs and job search sites it can be easy to get lost in the fray. It’s necessary to understand which networks will most suit your needs and create a presence online.
See and be seen
Social networks, such as LinkedIn, are a commonly used forum for recruiters to find candidates and for professionals to connect with colleagues in their field. Israelis are not shy to contact connections for advice or assistance with new ventures or career changes. If you do not have an account, complete with relevant, up to date information you are simply invisible.
While the goal of social networks is to build a community of colleagues and mentors, many users miss the most important component, their own profile. Fill out your profile. These sites are specifically designed to highlight your skills, achievements and experience in a clear and searchable format.
Who are you?
LinkedIn, like many sites, will guide you through your profile and assist you to fill in each section with appropriate and relevant information. Take advantage of the language and skills sections which have unique search features. The summary is a good place for you to highlight your professional strengths; use the opportunity to tell a strong story about your achievements. Job seekers should be careful not to seem desperate or unemployable. Use volunteer positions, freelance assignments and personal projects to showcase capabilities and your positive attitude while in between jobs. Contact mentors and old colleagues (including bosses) to write recommendations. These types of features should be used on whichever site is best for your needs.
Completing a profile all at once can be daunting so pace yourself and take your time. Perhaps take a few sessions, start by creating a skeleton of your history, then fill in the details. At the same time start building up a network. Search for old contacts and find connections at companies that interest are of interest. Take a hint from other professionals in your field and employees at the desired companies to find important key words to include in your own profile. Join groups relevant to your professional field as well as your hobbies and personal interests.
Don’t forget to check in
Whichever networks you join or profiles you create, use account settings to make sure you receive emails about activity and updates, like personal messages. This way you can keep in touch even if you do not visit the site regularly. Make an effort to keep the profile current.
The ubiquity of the Internet requires new tools and pathways. Israel is a high tech country, distant and sometimes isolated from other regions. The Internet provides a way to stay instantly connected and current. Online networks can keep you connected across long and short distances, and have become a professional forum every job seeker should utilize.
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