Work in Progress: The power of words

From resume to interview, learn how to choose exactly the right words to help you land the job of your dreams.

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During the job search process it can be difficult to imagine what everything looks like from the recruiter’s perspective, but it is important to put yourself on the other side of the desk. As the High Holy Days approach, we take time to reflect on ourselves and resolve to be deliberate in our actions. One of the main themes of the holidays is acknowledging the power of our words. This certainly applies during a job search. 
Approaching a potential employer, sending out a job application or writing a resume; every form of contact is far more valuable for you than it is for the recruiter. It is the candidate’s obligation to themselves. A recruiter will not spend more than a minute trying to decipher something that is unclear. Every detail counts, every word, every letter. Make sure the language is simple, direct and to the point.
Initial contact
When approaching a potential employer or recruiter, it’s important to be specific about future intentions. Have career goals in mind and describe the type of position that is of interest. Then, in not more than a sentence (or two if they are short), describe the most recent, relevant position that qualifies you for the role.Consider carefully how to make a good first impression. Leave out anything about being bored in a current role, the length of time you are looking for work or the state of affairs at the current employer. Save all the reasons for leaving your last job or looking for new work for the interview, when you have already gained interest in your application and only when that information is requested.
Sending an application
There are two main ways to apply for a position online; via email or directly through a website. If sending a resume via email, make sure that to address the person on the other end as accurately as possible. Introduce yourself and be sure to write out the specific title of the position. Take the opportunity to express a few of your unique abilities that are relevant to the position that do not appear on the resume.
When applying through a website, consider carefully what type of website it is. A job board which hosts positions at various companies may require an individual application for each position, but be careful not to apply for multiple positions at the same company.
The job search should be focused. Sending a resume to various positions at a single company will make you seem desperate for any job and unable to identify your own strengths.
A resume should be carefully crafted to include words that explain your responsibilities, highlight your strengths and unique capabilities, while mirroring the language in the job description. Your CV should be a picture of your best self.
Always have in mind that every communication gives an impression of your professional self and personal capabilities. Communication skills, attention to detail, ability to read and follow directions, all come through between the lines. Searching for a job is the perfect time for reflection and self-evaluation. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, the type of tasks and responsibilities you enjoy fulfilling. Write out a list of personal and professional goals. By stopping to take a look at yourself and the way you communicate you will be able to create a targeted job search. Deliberate, well thought out actions are bound to get positive results.
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