Compensation on a wing and a prayer

The Egged bus company has agreed to compensate an Ashdod man NIS 6,400 after losing a bag containing his clothing, prayer shawl and phylacteries (tallit and tefillin) six months ago, reports The man, who was on his way to do reserve military duty, had placed the bag in the bus's luggage compartment before getting onto the bus, but when he disembarked at his destination, he found that it had disappeared, and a search by the driver failed to find it. According to the report, the disgruntled passenger wrote to the bus company about the missing bag, but was surprised to receive a dismissive letter in return, saying that Egged did not see itself as responsible for the loss and that the man should have kept the bag with him inside the bus. He turned to a lawyer, who wrote to the company detailing legal precedents in which Egged and other bus companies had been held responsible for passengers' possessions in the luggage compartment. The report said that after "a long negotiation," the company finally agreed to pay the man his compensation.