Holocaust survivors get new clubhouse

Elderly Holocaust survivors in Ashdod were delighted last week when Mayor Yehiel Lasri announced that he was making a "historic correction" and was allocating a permanent center for them to use as a clubhouse, reports www.local.co.il. Lasri said the new clubhouse, on Rehov Hahagana, would open officially in several months, after the city's Welfare Department renovates the existing building there and equips it for use by the survivors. According to the report, Ashdod's Holocaust survivors formed a club in 2006 to provide weekly activities such as lectures, meetings and assistance for survivors. Some 70 Holocaust survivors belong to the club today, about 40 of whom attend each event. The club holds its meetings in a building provided by the city temporarily, but its activities and times are limited because the premises are used by other organizations as well. On a recent visit to the club, Lasri said he was aware of the difficulties faced by Holocaust survivors and that it was very important to provide them with continuous and organized activities and assistance. He announced that the clubhouse would be renovated over the next few months. Survivors' representatives said they were "touched" and pleasantly surprised that the mayor had acted so quickly for their benefit.