Market stallholders demand clean-up from city

The stallholders say Kfar Saba has left the market dirty and neglected and has failed to give them keys to the market's toilets.

Kfar Saba's market stallholders are complaining that the city is neglecting the city market in favor of prettying the park and planting flowers, reports The stallholders say the city has left the market dirty and neglected, has failed to install proper lighting and has failed to give them keys to the market's toilets, forcing them to use the toilets belonging to a local supermarket. According to the report, the stallholders say that while they pay high taxes and ask for very little in return, the city is ignoring their requests. "The city prefers to put money into the park and flowers, but not here in the market where no one sees it," one stallholder said. A municipal spokesman denied the claims, saying the city cleans the public areas of the market and empties the garbage bins several times a day, and that the lighting is in good order. The spokesman said market representatives had been given the keys to the toilets, but because the stallholders had not maintained the facilities in good condition as required, the city had locked them up and had taken the keys back.