PM promises NIS 150m. funding for Beersheba park

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to invest NIS 150 million over seven years in the development of the Nahal Beersheba Park, reports The park is the Jewish National Fund's flagship project in the Negev, and involves the transformation of eight kilometers of land along the river, with the creation of promenades, bridges, lawns, an amphitheater and an artificial lake. According to the report, Netanyahu announced on a visit to Beersheba last week that the government would match the contributions of private donors shekel for shekel, and would invest NIS 150m. in the project over seven years. Netanyahu said the funding would come from some six different departments, including the Tourism Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, and would be divided equally among them. He also said his office would work to advance the project and would make recommendations within the next few months. The report quoted Beersheba Mayor Rubik Danilovitch as saying the announcement of the government's funding was "good news for residents of the Negev." Danilovitch said the park would be the biggest in Israel.