Putting food on the table - in Beersheba

The Table to Table (Shulhan Le'shulhan) organization, which collects leftover foods from reception centers, restaurants and bakeries for the needy, is preparing to expand its operations to Beersheba, reports www.mynet.co.il. The charity, which currently operates in Jerusalem and central Israel, has begun organizing donors and volunteers in the southern city in an effort to replicate the successful work it does elsewhere. According to the report, organizers are currently making contact with bakeries, restaurants and reception centers in Beersheba and surrounding areas to arrange that unused meals and fresh produce not be thrown out, but be kept for collection by volunteers each night, as already occurs in other cities. Volunteers bring the food to a central collection point, where it is divided up and distributed to needy families. "All that is demanded of volunteers for the project is two hours of their time one or two nights a week, a car and a lot of goodwill," a spokeswoman said. Organizers said that with the addition of Beersheba to the project, the charity would be distributing some 2,000 meals per month to needy families. Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to call (09) 744-1757 or email reut@tabletotable.org.il.