School celebrates results, but ministry dampens joy

One Haifa high school was celebrating this week after being notified that 90 percent of its 12th grade students were entitled to full matriculation (bagrut) certificates this year, a number 20% higher than the district average, reports But Education Ministry officials tried to dampen the celebrations, saying the matriculation results have not yet been publicly released and that their early exposure by some school principals is unfair. According to the report, the Ironi Hey high school was delighted to receive the ministry notification of its matriculation certificate success, which was also the highest number at the school in four years. A school spokesman said 70% of students had completed four to five units - the highest level - in mathematics, and 96% had completed four to five units in English. But a ministry spokeswoman said the matriculation results had not yet been released to the public and the ministry would release them "in an orderly fashion."