Sign of the times in parking fine foul-up

If your car was booked for illegal parking in Ashdod's Rova Hey (Fifth Quarter) in recent weeks, then here's some good news, reports It seems the fines were improperly issued and the city will cancel them - but it will not do so automatically and those wishing to have their fines canceled need to ask it to do so individually. According to the report, the foul-up came to light after a 90-year-old resident of the neighborhood had his car booked for illegal parking along the Yehuda Halevy strip. He investigated the legality of the city's sign prohibiting parking in the area, and discovered that it had been placed illegally. The report said the city's signs committee had asked for the sign to be removed. In the meantime, the man said that although his fine had been canceled, he was angry that the city had no plans to inform others who had been booked that their tickets had been issued improperly and should be canceled. "I asked the city to use some initiative and to get the fines canceled for whoever received them, not that they should have to do this privately... but there is no one listening and they are disregarding the matter. It is a pity that the city, which could solve the problem, is ducking the issue like this," the man said. A municipal spokesman said that people who had received fines in the area could "appeal (to the city) with an explanation that the sign has been canceled, and the matter will be examined."