Card-carrying residents

A little card opens doors to many facilities and activities.

If the sheer honor of living in the Holy City is not enough for you, here is yet another reason why it's worthwhile being a Jerusalemite. This year, - the year of the State of Israel's 60th birthday and the 40th year of Jerusalem's unification - all Jerusalem residents over the age of 16 are entitled to buy a card which gives the bearer 5% to 30% discounts at a host of places of culture, education, entertainment, sports and health all over town. The card costs NIS 18 and is valid for two years. To be eligible, you must prove that you have resided in Jerusalem for at least the last six months. This can be done by bringing your identity card (teudat zehut) to the Jerusalem Municipality in Kikar Safra (Building 1, second floor) on Jaffa Road. Your ID card will be checked against the Interior Ministry's Population Registry. If you appear on the registry, you will be able to buy a card. If your name doesn't appear on the registry but your identity card gives a Jerusalem address dating back at least six months, you will still be entitled to buy a card. Children under 16 whose parents are residents will be listed on their parents' card and will be able to use it. Students who have been studying and renting accommodation in Jerusalem for more than six months can bring their student card, together with a copy of their lease, and they too can buy a card. The cards, which are not transferable, feature a photograph of the holder, which is taken at the time of purchase. Below is a small sample of the many discounts card holders are entitled to. Arts
  • 5% discount on various courses in art, drama, dancing, etc.
  • 20% discount on entry to the Alternateva Exhibition Education
  • Free access to libraries throughout the city
  • 10% discount on some courses for high school completion
  • Free entry to the Education & Employment Fair Entertainment
  • 10% discount for some performances of the Israeli Theater at The Jerusalem Theater
  • 30% discount for some performances at the Khan Theater
  • 20% discount for some performances at The Train Theater
  • 10% discount on some performances at the Sultan's Pool, the Cinematheque and the Old Railway Station
  • 10% to 25% discount on performances by The Jerusalem Baroque (String) Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Vertigo dance troupe.
  • 20% discount on Evening Chazanut Concert Health
  • Discount on some pre-natal classes and postnatal check-ups Museums
  • 20% off entry to the Begin Center, Shai Agnon's House, the Science Museum, the Tower of David Museum, the Bible Lands Museum, the Israel Museum and the Museum on the Seam.
  • Discounts on entry to sites such as the Botanical Gardens, David's City, The Generation Center and the Kotel Tunnels Sports
  • 20% discount for the Jerusalem International Half Marathon
  • 20% discount for the Israel Tennis Championship
  • 20% discount on some swimming courses in the haredi sector For further information (with contact details for participating organizations and changes and updates), visit or call 1-700-530-002.