Grapevine: A tribute to Teddy

n GEFEN PUBLISHING, which has just released Teddy Kollek: The Man, His Times and His Jerusalem last week, presented copies of the book to Tamar Kollek and her daughter Osnat. One of the legacies that Kollek, the long-time mayor of Jerusalem, left to the city was the need to keep rebuilding and rebeautifying it. The book also went on display last Sunday at the Los Angeles Book expo, where it was launched at a ceremony attended by Gefen publisher Ilan Greenfield. n THERE WAS hardly a dry eye in the room at the 25th wedding anniversary luncheon at the Prima Kings Hotel, Jerusalem of retired diplomat Sinai Rome and his wife Beverley. As much in love today as when they first met in London where he was Israel's consul general, they simply radiated romance. He thought the tall, willowy creature was beautiful then - and she's still beautiful now. What he had not counted on was that he would be spared to celebrate 25 years of married life with her. It was a second marriage for both of them. He was 60 at the time and she was 40, but neither gave much thought to the difference in age. They were madly in love, and that was all that mattered. n AMONG THOSE present at Beit Hanassi last week for the naming of Israel's national bird was Japanese Ambassador Yoshinori Katori, a bird-watching enthusiast. He often goes to the Jordan Valley with ornithologist Dr. Yossi Leshem, who was one of the people who proposed the national bird contest. n MANY JERUSALEMITES objected to the construction of a purported cultural center in Abu Tor. Local residents claim that regardless of what the plans may show, the project when completed will end up as a commercial mall and will disturb their quiet neighborhood. People who don't live in Abu Tor but who used to frequent the popular Taverna restaurant in the impressive Sherover Center, which became a sacrificial lamb in the construction process, will be happy to know that the Taverna is back in business under the new name of Teraza. Tal Rosenzweig who ran the Taverna now operates Teraza at the Begin Heritage Center, where the view is no less glorious and where the venue is conveniently located near the Khan, the Konrad Adenauer Conference Center and the Cinematheque.