Happy Mondays at '17'

The mega-bar which replaced Haoman's dancefloor is finally coming into its own.

Haoman 224.88 (photo credit: )
Haoman 224.88
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Ever since Haoman 17 Jerusalem rolled up its dancefloor and replaced it with a mega-bar, it has been met with much curiosity by Jerusalem night owls, and so far, a steady crowd of locals. It's safe to say that the mega-bar, which now goes by the name and logo "17," is finally coming into its own. The parties usually start out low and chill, but then get bouncy and loud as the night progresses. At their recent Saturday Night Fever production, 17 was packed. The DJ warmed-up the crowd with some remixes of old top-of-the-charts hits and then got much louder and bouncier with house remixes. The bar-goers were struggling to dance in the aisles as if they were longing for the old dancefloor, proving that the nostalgia for the former Haoman still beats strongly. One has to wonder if the former dancefloor, now overtaken by the large bar, would still succeed in packing it in if the bar didn't exist. The lighting, the sound system, are all still in tact from the Haoman good ol' days. Now 17 is continuing a Haoman tradition by dedicating Monday nights to college students (generally ages 22+), calling them "Happy Mondays" to suggest a cheerful start to the school week (and referencing the 80s Manchester-based proto-alternative band of the same name). The rest of the party lineup includes Tuesdays for Israeli music; the main event on Thursday for house music-oriented DJs; Saturday night freestyle; and Friday nights for soldiers (ages 18-21). On Happy Mondays, doors open 9:30 p.m.; no cover; student ID required; 052-258-3335.