I would even drink Merlot

Enjoy an evening of pleasure sampling the grape creations of numerous wineries.

merlot wine  (photo credit: )
merlot wine
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Upon my travels in Australia, we reached McLaren Valley, a southern region where most of the continent's vineyards are found. I remember standing there amongst the vines, staring out towards that great, green, luscious valley, tasting yet another great wine from another great winery and thinking to myself how outstanding it would be to experience anything similar to that time, in the cool breeze of a Jerusalem night in July. I'm lying, of course. No such thought ever crossed my mind. I was too busy enjoying the warmth of the alcohol overtake me as I hopped, skipped, and jumped from one great winery to another. Nevertheless, when I heard there'd be a wine tasting in the Israel Museum's Sculpture Garden I did think to myself that a nighttime breeze in such a beautiful setting would indeed be a great place and time to sample the nectar of the gods. And, for a mere NIS 55, you can join me in such an evening of pleasure with a wine glass with which to sample the grape creations of numerous wineries. With representation from the Israeli wine industry including the standard, major players such as Carmel, Golan Heights, Barkan, and Tishbi to boutiques the likes of Tzuba, Saslove, Avidan, and Agur, we might even get along. Perhaps you'll join me at the interactive and innovative blind wine tasting. Sounds intriguing, yes? Additionally, various stands of those classic wine accompaniments are to be set up. So look for Tnuva's cheeses, Rinat's chocolates, Cordina's books and, yes, the jazz music expected to complete the magical atmosphere. So, when you take a seat next to a statue by Picasso or underneath Robert Indiana's, Love, let the cool air and delicious wine soothe your sweaty exhausted spirit while you take solace in that on some level, Israel and Australia could be very similar. Except that there, the wine goes down your esophagus counterclockwise. At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem from July 15 to 17 from 7-11 p.m. For more information visit www.2eat.co.il/winefestival2008/