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MEGA DANCE BAR 17 Saturday, 11:30 p.m. 24+ The uncompromising line of Goren, Liad and Farkash brings you Shmuel Flash from the Flash in Reverse, directly from Kenya - stopping for a moment before flying to the Miami Music Conference - with original electronic dance music from his new set. Rehov Ha'oman 17, Talpiot. Info: 678-1658 HATAKLIT Monday, 10 p.m. Elections are nearly upon us, and we are bemused - it's the same names and faces again, as though history were repeating itself. So in sync with the spirit of the nation, Hataklit has decided to immortalize the occasion with a Nineties party and its various styles of music with a special DJ - the owner himself - Avi Goldberger! Rehov Heleni Hamalka 7. Info: 624-4073 HAVATZELET, Wednesday, 10 p.m. 23+ Havatzelet is celebrating its second anniversary with a whoop and a holler - and a week of wild parties to mark the occasion. On Wednesday, DJs Tom Hovav and Yaniv Dannan will show you what a real celebration looks like! Rehov Havatzelet 9, next to Kikar Zion. Info: 623-2303 OSHO BASDERA Starting on February 7, the restaurant/bar will be open from 12 noon with a graduated menu - from NIS 10, 20, 25, 30 per person up to a maximum of NIS 65! - a product of the recent upgrade in their menu and the new name. Don't forget that every weekend the evenings are bustling, and music is freestyle. Rehov Shlomzion Hamalka 3. Info: 625-1666 MIA BAR Thursday An exclusive bar with cozy, intimate floor shows and a hot, romantic atmosphere, located in the center of town near Aroma on Rehov Hillel. This week they're celebrating gin - the drink of Dutch courage. On Monday, there's a party with Israeli music in honor of Tu Bishvat, with DK Shazu and gin at special prices. On Thursday, an evening of freestyle and funk with DJ Funky Mofo and lots of - you guessed it - gin! Rehov Hillel 18. Info: 625-9491 BASS Thursday, 10 p.m. They're having an alternative party that can only be described as: If it's not for you, don't come through... It will be an especially way out evening under the expert leadership of DJs Avihai Partok and Tzachi Zimroni with alternative chic - including a rousing roster of drag stars and a sinuous cage dancer named Viola Leib. Entrance NIS 20/30. Rehov Hahistadrut 1 MEGA DANCE BAR 17 Thursday, 11:30 p.m. 24+ The good-looking, hard-nosed selector Yifat is leaving us to sweat alone at the 17 and is going her own way - so the 17 salutes her with a farewell party combined with Tu Bishvat - an especially festive event. DJs Sahar Zangilevich and Omri Eitz will play back-to-back all night - a guarantee that all their best hits will be heard. Rehov Ha'oman 17, Talpiot. Info: 678-1658