Abattoir to get upgrade despite demands to shut it down

Following a demand by the Health Ministry, Netanya will spend NIS 1 million renovating the municipal abattoir in the northern industrial zone of the city, reports www.mynet.co.il. But some municipal sources are questioning why any money should be spent on the slaughterhouse at all, saying times have changed and it should be moved out of the city altogether. According to the report, the ministry ordered a number of improvements to conditions at the abattoir, which is located next to the municipal kennel in the northern industrial area. The improvements include new roofing for the structure. A municipal spokesman said the renovations had to be done in accordance with new ministry instructions, but the city was currently engaged in discussions with the relevant authorities with the ultimate aim of moving the abattoir out of the city. In the meantime, the report said unidentified municipal sources were questioning why any money had to be spent on the slaughterhouse at all. "The time has passed in which there was a need for a municipal slaughterhouse and a municipal kennel and similar things (inside a city), and today these places should be moved out of the city and concentrated at the periphery," one source said. "Transport conditions have changed, reality has changed, and it is a shame to invest money in renovating a place that is unnecessary."