Doctors gear up to help refugees

The Israel Medical Association plans open a new clinic in Tel Aviv to provide African refugees with much-needed medical care free of charge.

The Israel Medical Association plans to come to the aid of Tel Aviv's many African refugees and will open a new clinic next month to provide them with much-needed medical care free of charge, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. Some 70 doctors are expected to rotate as volunteers at the clinic, which will open August 3rd near the Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv. The clinic will be the second to provide medical services to the refugees, following the recent re-opening of a 10-year-old clinic run by the Doctors for Human Rights charity in Jaffa. According to the report, many of the refugees living in Tel Aviv have been without medical care for months, and the new clinic, located close to where many of them live and work, is expected to fill a glaring need. A spokesman said the clinic would be open on weekday afternoons for all African refugees, and the volunteer doctors include general practitioners and specialists in various fields.