Hair today, gone tomorrow

Chalk one up for school discipline - two ninth-grade boys from Netanya's state religious Rigler school were banned from participating in a school excursion to Jerusalem after they failed to get their hair cut in accordance with school rules, reports But the boys' parents were furious at the exclusion, saying that school management had not informed them that their sons had to have their hair cut as a condition for going on the outing. According to the report, the school's regulations, which were sent to and signed by all parents, state that boys must have short hair that has not been artificially colored. School managers said that the two boys' class teacher had been warning them for three weeks before the trip that their hair was too long and that if they did not have it cut they would be banned from the school. They reportedly promised several times to have haircuts, but when they turned up at school on the morning of the outing with uncut hair, they were told they could not join the excursion.