Motorbikes rev up in central region

If you think motorcycle riders seem to be everywhere in Tel Aviv and neighboring cities, you're not far wrong, reports Figures recently released by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that while nationwide 14 percent of drivers hold licenses to drive motorcycles, in Tel Aviv and in a number of adjoining cities 20 to 25% of drivers are licensed to drive motorcycles. According to the report, the bureau collated figures from the Transport Ministry for the end of 2008, and found that some 3,400,000 Israelis held licenses to drive motorized vehicles, a rise of 2.5% from the previous year. Women made up 41% of licensed drivers, up from 38% a decade ago. The report said this meant that three-quarters of the Israeli population aged 25 to 54 and a third of the population aged over 65 had drivers' licenses. It said that 84% of drivers had been licensed for more than five years, and that 39% of licensed drivers had some limitation on their driving, usually a requirement to wear glasses or contact lenses. The report also said that just 0.2% of drivers held licenses for motorcycles only, while all others were licensed to drive other vehicles (private and/or commercial) as well.