New service to help residents fight noise, air pollution

The Public Council for the Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution in Israel (MALRAZ) has begun an experimental project in the Sharon area to advise and assist residents struggling with chronic air pollution and noise problems, reports The new service aims to help those who have been unable to solve the problem in other ways, and includes a free session of legal advice. According to the report, the service is designed to help residents suffering from continuous, regular problems ranging from neighbors' noisy air-conditioners to loud reception centers to the smells and noises of passing buses. Residents will learn whether they can take any procedural measures against the source of the trouble and will receive a session of free legal advice. They will also be given practical ideas for sound-proofing their homes. The report said the initial project would cover residents of Herzliya, Ra'anana and Kfar Saba, but it would ultimately expand to other areas as well. It said that residents with a complaint should first write to the source of the noise or air pollution, and if this proved unsuccessful should then contact the organization.