Tel Aviv takes on Asian tiger

A large number of Asian tiger mosquitos have recently been discovered in Tel Aviv's northern Ramat Hahayal neighborhood.

The director of the Environmental Protection Ministry's Tel Aviv District, Baruch Webber, is urging Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to take immediate steps to eradicate the Asian tiger mosquito (aedes albopictus), a large number of which have recently been discovered in the city's northern Ramat Hahayal neighborhood. This species of mosquito - identifiable by its white-striped black body - is known for its painful, irritating stings. The Asian tiger can also transmit a number of diseases. These mosquitoes breed in small pools of water in places such as used tires, plant holders, or vases. Yediot Tel Aviv reported that in a letter to Huldai, Webber wrote: "Pursuant to a request by the Health Ministry on this issue, we are demanding that you take steps that will significantly decrease the presence of this mosquito in your community." Webber recommended that Huldai put together a work plan to combat the Asian tiger mosquito, "especially on Revadim and Hagolan streets in Ramat Hahayal;" that he notify residents about the mosquito and the need to spray against it; that he map areas in which the mosquito is prevalent; and that the city work together with residents to prevent the mosquito from breeding." The Tel Aviv Municipality said in response that it was preparing to fight the Asian tiger mosquito "in accordance with the Environmental Protection Ministry's demands."