Two more nightclubs closed

The Tel Aviv clubs were closed because of serious overcrowding and breaches of safety regulations.

Police have swooped on two more nightclubs in Tel Aviv and closed them down for one month each because of serious overcrowding and breaches of safety regulations, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. The latest raids follow the recent closures of three nightclubs after police discovered as many as 400 people crammed into premises licensed to hold fewer than 100. According to the report, the two latest clubs to be closed down are Monica and Galleria, both in the Yad Harutzim entertainment district. They follow the closures of the Breakfast Club, Dada and Mental House. The report said other clubs had also been found to be in breach of safety or licensing regulations, although these were not closed down. Breaches included overcrowding, locked emergency exit doors and armed door guards without valid weapons licenses. Police said some of the nightclubs' owners would be prosecuted.