Woman sues over anti-Arab statement

The head of a Tel Aviv employment agency said he did not want to employ Arabs.

Arab woman 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Arab woman 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Arab woman from Jaffa has issued an NIS 100,000 lawsuit against a Tel Aviv employment agency after the agency's head said he did not want to employ Arabs, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. The 33-year-old woman issued the lawsuit in the District Labor Court on the grounds that the manager breached equal opportunity and freedom of employment laws. According to the report, the woman had sought work at her local government employment bureau, which sent her to the Dror Kanaf manpower agency, a company which among other placements supplies cleaners to the National Insurance Institute's offices in Jaffa. In her lawsuit, the woman said that when she arrived for an interview with the agency's head, Moshe Moalem, he noticed her traditional Muslim head covering and immediately sent her away, saying: "We don't employ Arab workers." Moalem also wrote a letter to the employment bureau stating that he could not accept Arabs as workers at the National Insurance Institute (Mossad LeBituach Leumi), writing: "Please do not send me Arab workers." The Ministry for Industry, Trade and Commerce began an investigation, and Moalem apologized for his statements, saying he was "very sorry" and that he had "made a mistake" by writing that he would not accept Arab workers. He said he had no explanation or reason for saying what he had said, and added that he had since offered the woman numerous jobs elsewhere in Tel Aviv. No date was reported for the case to come to court.