Youth wins in coalition deal

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai has signed on youth party leader Asaf Zamir, 28, as one of his five deputy mayors, making him one of the youngest councilors ever - if not the youngest - to hold a senior position in the city, reports Zamir's Rov Ha'ir youth party won three seats in last month's municipal elections, and in the subsequent coalition negotiations has succeeded in gaining the leadership of several important municipal committees, as well as winning the coveted deputy mayor's position. According to the report, Zamir's number two, Alon Soler, has become the youngest of the city's 31 councilors at just 25 years of age, and will head a committee, although which one has not yet been decided. And the third member of the youth party, 34-year-old Yaniv Vitzman, will take over as the mayoral adviser on gay matters from retiring gay councilor Itai Pinkas. The report said the three youth party councilors will divide between them the portfolios of tourism, the community, youth and sport, and will participate in discussions on the future of the city, housing for young couples, culture and the arts. "I have met young people with a lot of motivation to act for the public and the city, and I welcome their entrance to the council," Huldai said after signing the coalition agreement with the party. And Zamir said he promised to act for the good of the young public in the city, saying he intended to prove that the youth party was not a "passing episode" but a significant force that would bring a new spirit to the city.