A perfect winter

Don’t let the winter blues get you down - this week fight the signs of aging with a fantastic new face cream, take a sip from a new Israeli white whiskey or pour yourself an aromatic cup of coffee.

Simple (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The powers of renewal
L’Oréal Paris relaunched its Age Perfect line, with a new formula, Renaissance Cell renew, which includes truffles and fermented black tea. The line, targeting women ages 50 and up, promises an effective answer to the slowing rate of skin-cell renewal by adding truffles, which are known for their renewal abilities. The fermented black tea helps tighten the skin. In the Age Perfect line is Renaissance Day Cream (NIS 99), Night Cream (NIS 99) and serum (NIS 99).
Rosy cheeks
Vichy extends its mature-skin line Neovadiol, adding a new face cream for very mature skin. The Neovadiol Rose Platinum for ages 65 and up, has a pink hue that immediately penetrates the skin giving it an instant fresher look. After using it for a month, the company experts say, the skin will look more radiant, more supple and healthier. The new formula includes beeswax, calcium and glycerin, as well as Vichy’s thermal spring water. NIS 219, available only in private pharmacies. For one near you call (09) 773-0800.
A different lipstick
Clinique added a nourishing lipstick in their Dramatically Different line. The Lipstick Shaping Lip Color conditions and defines the lips while coloring them with a long-wear eight-hour lipstick. The light formula optically fills fine lines and the peptide-rich core smooths the skin with every use. The color is buildable – so you can achieve different effects by applying more layers. There are 50 new shades to choose from. NIS 109
Simply good
Simple, the No. 1 facial cosmetic brand in Britain that targets Millennials and Generation Z, has landed in Israel bringing to us a line of effective and gentle products at very affordable prices. The products are all based on effective active ingredients that work harmoniously with the skin, not using strong chemicals that can damage the skin’s natural balance. The brand is proud to call its products “green and clean” as well as “kind to skin” and has received many prizes from beauty magazines. In the line are micellar-water cleansing wet wipes (NIS 14.90), eye makeup remover (NIS 29.29), nourishing facial wash (NIS 29.90), light facial cream (NIS 69.90), rich facial cream (NIS 69.90) and two cloth-masks (NIS 15.90).
With vitamin C
Tapuach cosmetics launched a new moisturizing cream with added vitamin C and SPF 25 sunscreen, perfect for our weather. The cream is rich in active ingredients and anti-oxidants and promotes the creation of collagen, neutralizes free radicals and helps slow the aging of the skin. Besides a high concentration of vitamin C, the formula includes Allantoin from the comfrey root, which comforts the skin and promotes the growth of healthy tissue, lemon extract, ginkgo biloba, calendula and more. NIS 140, available only at licensed beauticians. Call 1-700-707-478 for one near you.
Tutti fruity
Magiray introduced a new shampoo-body gel made from berries. The product, launched as part of the company’s spa collection, is based on extracts from 14 herbs and fruits, which provide exceptional cleaning powers combined with anti-inflammatory qualities. The pleasant fruity aroma is another plus. NIS 59, available at beauty centers and online at www.magiray.info
High brow
Brows tend to thin with age and the hairs that grow and remain in all the wrong places. Trying to give them a naturally pretty shape, filling them with a brow pencil or brush and avoiding a strange unnatural look is not easy. I am glad to tell you that I have recently found the new Brow Artist Micro Tattoo by L’Oréal Paris – and I love it. A felt-tip brow pencil with a fork-shaped micro tip, this one is easy to use and the results are great. The hair-like strokes and buildable pigment will take you from natural to bold in no time, although I believe natural is the way to go. Choose a shade that is slightly lighter or slightly darker – but looks natural on you. The formula is long-wear, up to 24 hours.
Get into a trance
Liquid Illusion, the new fragrance by the cutting-edge perfume manufacturer Juliette Has A Gun, is, according to its creator Romano Ricci, Nina Ricci’s grandson, “an invitation to enter a trance.” In the composition of this Floral & Ambery fragrance, two substances come into play, the iris and the heliotropin. These two combined together act as a liberating stimulant that heats up your senses and those of the people around you. Top notes; Heliotropin (almond), Heart notes Tuberose absolute, Iris absolute, Bottom notes; Tonka Bean, Cetalox. The color of the elegant bottle is a hypnotizing blue. Available only at James Richardson duty-free shops in Ben-Gurion Airport. $279.90
A journey in time
Nespresso continues launching new limited-edition flavors, and this time the company has taken inspiration from the historical cafes in Istanbul and Venice offering new two new blends - Caffè Venezia and Café Istanbul. Caffè Venezia is an elegant blend made from Ethiopian Harrar beans as well as Arabica, it offers exotic notes as well as floral ones. Serve as an espresso with a touch of milk. Café Istanbul has more powerful tastes, made from Mocha beans from Yemen, as well as India, and is more aromatic and stronger. As usual the capsules are very pretty, this time designed by Young Rascal. Available online at www.nespresso.com or call *2500.
Pure gold
Tempo has launched for the first time an Israeli Brewer’s Gold, based on the Goldstar beer ingredients. Brewer’s Gold is a new-make single-malt white whiskey, distilled from 100% European barley malt with added hops. The clear drink has round and rich flavors, fruity aroma and no heavy wood or vanilla flavors that are rendered from aging in wooden barrels. Brewer’s Gold is made in limited editions, and the first one has only 1,881 bottles. NIS 150, available in liquor shops. Kosher.
Bamba for grownups
Osem introduced a new addictive munch – Bamba filled with cappuccino cream. Yes, it is decadent and very bad for one’s diet – but oh so comforting on a cold night. Don’t let the kids find out. Kosher, parve, NIS 4 to NIS 4.5.