Around the corner

Rosh Pina’s unique features mean it has something for everyone.

A HEARTY vegan meal at the Gad guest house. (photo credit: MEITAL SHARABI/ GADI VITNER-ORSIANO)
A HEARTY vegan meal at the Gad guest house.
At the height of summer, looking for a refuge from the heat and our screaming kids, we set out for Rosh Pina, the first and fascinating Galilean moshava. Even on the days where there’s heavy traffic at the country’s tourist sites, Rosh Pina always offers a pleasant break for couples.
Known for its impressive stone houses and smooth winding streets, Rosh Pina presents visitors – locals and foreigners – with an extraordinary combination of nature landscapes and urban scenes, with a thrilling history alongside a passionate arts scene. Add romantic cottages and endless tranquility, and you get the perfect destination. Obviously, other than finding refuge there, Rosh Pina and its area are perfect for nature hiking, or as a stop on the way to the Golan Heights or Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee).
On the way
One of the most amazing stores in old Rosh Pina is purse and jewelry designer Sigal Marco’s Badbadim. Marco got into the design business after years of sitting on the lap of her mother, who was a dressmaker and designer at a local fashion company.
Marco collects all sorts of fabrics and upholstery padding, and at her Badbadim studio she creates unique purses. Every purse is one of a kind.
“After I receive the fabrics from local and international suppliers, or when I get some from people who know about my love for fabrics and sewing and design, I sit in my studio at home, imagine what the next purse will look like, and then I start to cut and sew, and I’m smiling all the way to my next creation,” she says.
Marco also makes bibs, aprons and scarves, and she designs jewelry from buttons and other quirky raw materials, such as belt buckles and zippers and lots of others sewing notions.
Marco makes sure never to make the same product twice, because she says that every product that she makes has a story of its own. So don’t worry, you’ll never see another woman with the same item that you bought from Sigal Marco.
Open every day. To arrange a visit with Marco: 052-377-8154.