Obama campaign manager to write book

David Plouffe hopes to have the book ready for release in the fall of 2009.

Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, is writing a book about the historic election victory and has retained Washington attorney Robert Barnett, Obama's literary representative, to shop the proposal to publishers. The book has been tentatively titled, "The Audacity To Win," a reference to Obama's million-selling "The Audacity of Hope." Having helped manage one of the most sophisticated and highly praised campaigns ever, Plouffe plans not only an inside look at the Obama run but also advice for how to manage a large organization. "Hopefully, there will be some lessons on how to put together a three-quarters of a billion dollar operation," Plouffe said Wednesday, adding that the book would be high on tactics, and low on gossip, with an inevitable critique of the rival campaigns. "I don't have a huge interest in scoring points, but there was a difference in strategy and approach," he said of the organization of Republican John McCain. He will also write about the intense Democratic primary race against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has since been picked by Obama to be secretary of state. "We had enormous respect for that campaign," Plouffe said, although he expects the narrative would inevitably touch upon "strategic mistakes." Plouffe, 41, hopes to have the book ready for release in the fall of 2009. Barnett expects to begin meeting with publishers this week. "There will be many books about the Obama campaign, but only one from the campaign itself," Barnett said, noting that most of Obama's former campaign aides - but not Plouffe - are joining the Obama administration. Plouffe, whose wife recently gave birth to a girl, said he remains in touch with his former colleagues and that Obama is aware of and approves of the book. "His only advice to me was `Don't damage your reputation by writing a bad book,'" said Plouffe, who besides writing his book, plans on working as a consultant and spending time with his family.