Acts of Jewish terrorism since 1949

Early 1980s: Jewish Underground terrorizes mayors of Palestinian towns, maiming two mayors with booby-trapped cars. Twenty-seven men are arrested in connection to the bombings. 1990: Off-duty soldier Ami Popper murders seven Palestinian workers. 1994: Baruch Goldstein, a Kiryat Arba physician, bursts into Hebron's Al-Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs) and guns down 29 Palestinian worshipers. Mob beats him to death. 1995: Yigal Amir assassinates prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. 2001: As many as five roadside shootings are attributed to an extremist Jewish gang prowling West Bank roads. March 2002: Bomb goes off in Sur Bahir school, wounding six students and their teacher. The previously unknown group calling itself "The Avengers of the Infants," claims attack. April 2002: Bat Ayin gang plants large bomb outside A-Tur girls school. Three of its members are arrested. Dvir Zeliger, Ofer Gamliel and Yarden Morag are later sentenced to over 10 years in jail. September 2002: Five Palestinian children are wounded in a bombing near Yatta, in the South Hebron Hills, that is attributed to Jews. March 2004: Eliran Golan from Haifa is charged with the attempted murder of an Arab MK. August 4, 2005: Eden Natan Zada murders four Israeli Arabs, wounds 12 on a bus driving through the village of Shfaram. He is beaten to death by a mob. August 17, 2005: Asher Weisgan murders four Palestinians and wounds two in a shooting just outside Shiloh.