Send in your questions for Ruth Eglash

On January 9, The Jerusalem Post's social affairs reporter will be on 20 Questions to answer your questions so start submitting them now.

ruth eglash award 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ruth eglash award 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Do you think all of Katsav's benefits should be forfeited and plaques in his honor dismantled? How can we battle poverty-related problems in Israel such as malnourished children? What is being done to rehabilitate the North in the wake of the fire?
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This Sunday, Ruth Eglash, a reporter for The Jerusalem Post for over ten years, will feature on 20 Questions answering reader-generated questions.
Eglash is an expert on a wide range of topics ranging from minorities inIsrael, women's affairs and social welfare challenges. Eglash givesvoice to those that need it most in Israel, including people withdisabilities and those living below the poverty line.
20 Questions is a new JPost Premium Content initiative empowering ourreaders to shape the content they would like to see. Readerparticipation is vital and we encourage your submission.
Submit your questions for Ruth Eglash to [email protected] or write themin the Talkbacks below.