Hold on!

If the heat gets to you and you feel drained, it’s time to take care of your nutrition, cleanse your body and thoughts and add a little sparkle to your life.

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Be sparkling
The height of summer is perhaps the only time when wearing too much sparkle is OK. The problem is that most sparkling makeup tends to run in the heat, or it becomes too hard and dry. Mega makeup artist Bobbi Brown has added new sparkling shades to her long-wear Shadow Stick, and they are ravishing. The water-based gel stick, made with a combination of natural oils and wax, is easy to apply, has very strong pigments and is really long-wearing. I liked the light-beige sparkling Galactic shade for daytime. Have fun. NIS 170.
Add a touch of pink
This summer’s color is, by all accounts, pink. And not just any pink, but the real sugar-sweet pink. At least this is what local makeup guru Boaz Stein says. His product for the summer is the all new and very pink blush that adds youthful glow to your face even on days when you don’t feel like putting on a lot of makeup. A light touch does the trick. Blush 05 is matte and sold with a small mirror and miniature applicator. Available at beauty centers and perfumeries around the country. NIS 99. 
Hide the spots
Good makeup is about hiding as much as it is about enhancing, and the new Conceal & Correct palette by Israeli makeup brand Careline does just that, and very efficiently too. Mixing and matching the different concealers in the palette provides camouflage for pigmentation spots, red areas, dark areas, etc. Use it before applying foundation and see how you can create a professional look in no time. Available in pharmacies, beauty shops and online at www.careline.co.il. NIS 69.90. 
Boost your collagen
Based on the latest technology of ingestible beauty, Altman has launched Collagen Boost powder in Israel for improving the skin’s complexion and reducing fine lines, using the patent-protected Verisol technology. The nutritional-cosmetic field has been developing rapidly in recent years, providing the missing link in anti-aging treatments. Collagen is responsible for providing skin with stability, suppleness and hydration, which are more typical of youth. With age, the collagen content in the skin is reduced, bringing on signs of aging. The newly patented Verisol Collagen Boost delays the disintegration of collagen and boosts the skin’s collagen production. The company says that clinical research has shown visible skin improvement when the supplement is taken daily, including a more youthful look, less fine lines and more supple skin, after only eight weeks. Dissolve the tasteless powder in water or any drink, including coffee. Available in pharmacies. NIS 189 for 30 bags. 
Get the iron
Iron supplements are highly recommended for most women, since it is very hard for the body to get enough iron from food alone. However, for some of us, iron supplements can cause discomfort, constipation and problems with digestion. This is especially uncomfortable when pregnant. Recently, many dietitians have recommended taking Spatone, a gentle liquid iron supplement, in an easily absorbable form. Spatone sachets are convenient for use on the go, at home or at work. Now available also in apple flavor, the supplement has long been a regular feature in my kitchen. The product does not include gluten and is 100% vegan and natural. Available in health fund and other pharmacies. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement. NIS 119.90. 
Clean thoroughly
L’Oréal Paris has expanded the Pure Clay line, adding three new clay facial wash-gels based on three different clays for a variety of skin types. Besides the clays, each gel contains ingredients that help absorb oil and give skin a matte finish. Try the black gel with coal, the green gel with added eucalyptus essence, or the red with added seaweed. Use daily. Our tester was very pleased with all three. NIS 35. 
Remove persistent stains
Not that it needs recommendations, because as it is, Persil seems to be the most popular laundry gel in Israel. But thanks to added unique enzymes, the new formula is, according to the company, even more effective in removing stains and general dirt while protecting the fibers of the clothes. The scent is clean. Persil 360 Cleanliness, the concentrated washing gel, provides thorough cleaning of clothes and promises to clean stains from coffee, chocolate, lipstick, eggs, makeup and more. We liked the blue scent best. NIS 32.90 for 2.5 liters and NIS 41.90 for four liters.
Play with food
If it’s your turn to watch the kids and it’s too hot to play outside, how about a sugar workshop? My Sweet Workshop is a sugar Play-Doh game, one of a few options for games to play around the kitchen table. Kids get to shape and decorate their own lollipops, icicles or cupcakes – and eat them, after lunch of course. According to Diamant Toys, the new line of box games includes 70% less sugar than regular sugar Play-Doh, has no artificial dyes and is kosher and parve. Available in toy shops.  From NIS 49. 
Click and bite
Do you like Click chocolate snacks? If so, you will probably love the new Click chocolate bars. They come in all of the beloved Click flavors including cornflakes, rice crisps, white chocolate and caramelized coconut.
Protect your dog’s teeth
Biopet has launched a new snack for dogs, Whimzees, with special ingredients that protect the dental hygiene of canines. The hypoallergenic, vegan snacks come in various shapes for daily use, allowing for a longer chewing time than similar snacks. Made in Holland, Whimzees are 80% more efficient in removing plaque in comparison with their competitors, say the company experts. Look for the new snack in pet shops and at veterinarian clinics. NIS 69 for a pack.