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L. Raphael is the new international line of beauty products produced in Switzerland for the Israeli firm of Ronit Raphael.

beauty product 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
beauty product 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Serum is one of the more luxurious beauty products, but if you take the little extra time to apply it before your day or night cream, your facial care will get an extra boost. Most brands now have a serum to complete your day or night cream. A woman who always uses Vichy facial creams was very enthusiastic about the new Liftactiv Pro Serum, said to be a wrinkle filler and radiance enhancer. She reported that the serum was light, not sticky, absorbed quickly and she did get the impression her skin looked smoother afterwards. Vichy Liftactiv products are suitable for those with sensitive skin, and are available at selected pharmacies. A 30-ml. tube is NIS 300. L. Raphael is the new international line of beauty products produced in Switzerland for the Israeli firm of Ronit Raphael. The serum in the Perfection line, which is defined somewhat strangely as a "global age management system," is creamier than most serums, smells divine, and feels extremely luxurious, a real treat to your skin. The Perfection line contains purified lecithin, omega 3 and retinol, anti-aging ingredients that help the renewal process of the skin; whatever it is, it leaves your skin feeling very soft. These luxury products come with a hefty price tag: a 30-ml. bottle is NIS 968. You can get it at the Ronit Raphael Beauty Centers or order it by calling 1-800-802-802. Premier produces cosmetic products containing Dead Sea minerals; its Concentrated Facial Serum contains concentrated vitamins C and E, as well as retinol, and supposedly lifts and tightens skin. A friend who massaged the serum into her skin reported that it felt a little sticky at first, but was then absorbed fully after a few minutes. The skin did feel tighter after application, though it needed to be followed by a moisturizing cream. The serum also has a fresh, lemony smell. The price for the Premier Concentrated Facial is more affordable: a 50-ml. bottle is NIS 149. L'Oréal has a new series of facial products called Derma Genèse, consisting of a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream and a serum, all containing the molecule Pro-Xylane, which supposedly fights the aging process. A friend tried the serum, followed by the day cream, and thought it was effective, absorbing quickly, and applied easily with the pump mechanism, allowing you to take only a few drops. It leaves your fingers a little sticky though. The Derma Genèse line is intended for women 35 and older. A 15-ml. bottle is NIS 200. Dr. Kadir has Organic Care products, certified by the French Ecocert for organic products. The Organic Care Rainforest Serum contains several natural oils and shea butter, among other ingredients; the consistency and the looks are more that of a cream, and the woman who tried it said it didn't feel oily at all and left the skin feeling very smooth. The price for a bottle is NIS 140; you can find Dr. Kadir products at selected beauticians. To find out where there is one near you, call 1-800-302-288. Another very luxurious serum is Clarins' Double Serum Generation 6, which comes in a bottle divided in two halves, containing an oil-based serum on one side and a water-based serum on the other, which is mixed at the time of application by pressing the "spray cap." The serum is said to provide skin with needed hydration (with salicornia oil and two kiwi extracts, for example), nutrition (with a dose of omega 3 and 6), oxygenation, protection, and revitalization. It does feel very nourishing indeed, a little oily at first, but this feeling passes quickly. The smell is quite delicious. The spray cap system is a little irritating sometimes, when the serum doesn't spray on your fingers but ends up in the sink, which is a bit of a waste considering the price: a 30-ml. (2 x 15 ml.) bottle is NIS 478. The Generation 6 Extra-Firming Botanical Intensive Care serum is suitable for women 40 and older, and can be used daily, or periodically, three or four times a year.