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What is the Hebrew word for pancake?

yummy pancakes 521 (photo credit: MCT)
yummy pancakes 521
(photo credit: MCT)
1. The screening of the classic satire Dr. Strangelove was originally scheduled for November 22, 1963, but was delayed until January 1964 for what particular reason?
2. Citizens of Switzerland are prohibited from serving in any foreign army with what notable exception?
3. The 1937 capture of which Chinese city by the Japanese resulted in thousands of deaths with the incidents now being referred to as the “Rape of X”?
4. What are the two missing names in the following list? ..., Ajman, ..., Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.
5. A 1993 spectator sport popularity study that was called the largest of its kind ranked what sport as the second most popular in the US, just behind NFL?
6. Michel de Montaigne of France is best known for popularizing what kind of writing as a literary genre?
7. Arthur’s Day refers to events first organized in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of what brewing company, the name Arthur being the first name of the founder?
8. What is the Hebrew word for pancake?
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