Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of August 6, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Problems don’t seem nearly as serious this week as they were in the past. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LEO---FIREJULY 23-AUGUST 22Always generous, you are going to have to curb your need to spoil everyone you love and begin to pay attention to your financial situation. You are not in trouble yet, but if you continue to throw money around needlessly, you will be.  For quite some time you have been concerned about a sibling and this week you feel a lot more optimistic about his/her future. HINT: Now is the time to begin putting a little aside for an extended trip in the coming year.
VIRGO---EARTHAUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22You have a great deal on your mind and have to find a positive outlet for some of the anger and frustration you are feeling. Not everything is going as you had planned and there is only so much you can do to move things along. A long term friendship may not be as solid as it was and this time you may simply have to let it go. Take a good look at your finances and get some expert advice before making any major decisions this week. HINT: This is a good time for looking at the broad picture rather than dwelling on the minor details.
You seem to be finally coming out from under that heavy cloud that hasbeen accompanying you for the past few months. Financially, things arebeginning to pick up and with a little more cash in your pocket you canstart to relax. A conversation with someone from your past may be alittle more complicated than you imagined but don’t back down. Thestronger you are now, the better. HINT: Monday and Tuesday are perfectdays for setting up important meetings with a fire sign.
So much is going on behind the scenes right now and you are only privyto part of it. For the time being pay close attention to what peoplesay and listen carefully to what is not being said. You will have thenecessary pieces to the puzzle soon. Be prepared to answer somedetailed questions this week. Don’t worry, you have all the answers atyour fingertips. HINT:  Professionally things are not proceeding asquickly or as fully as you had hoped, but don’t give up.
Disappointment over a friendship is expected and although your firstreaction is to walk away, perhaps you should take a step back beforeyou make your move. Your fine sense of justice won’t steer you wrong.Pressure at work is mounting and now is the time to state your case andask for help. Both your co-workers as well as your employers are keenlyaware of your contribution and worth. Try to find some pockets of timeto go home early and enjoy your family. HINT:  This is a good time forsetting some money aside.
Take some time this week to simply relax and enjoy yourself.  The timehas come for you to mingle with people---enjoy your old friends andreach out to meet new ones. Financially, you can afford to cut back andconcentrate on the social side of your life. Good friends continue toshow up at your door and this week you will be happy to playhost/hostess to some special people. HINT: Foreign places call you andif you are serious about travelling you will have to begin to save now.
This is the week for changes. For those of you who are planning torenovate or move to a different address, take your time and plan well.There is so much you want to do but your time is limited. You continueworking long hours, but as the weeks go by you are beginning to enjoythe rewards of a job well done. For the next few weeks your intuitionwill be strong and you will be able to read between the lines and pickup some hidden clues. HINT: Be patient and understanding of yourpartner and/or mate on Monday and Tuesday.
Between taking care of health issues and worrying about your family youhave not had much free time to enjoy yourself. This week all thatchanges and you can finally pick your feet up and relax. Working on aproject which demands a lot of creativity will help put you back ontrack and heighten your feeling of satisfaction on a job well done.HINT: Remember, when a door closes a window opens. This is the time formaking some changes in your life.
You seem rather frustrated this week as some of your plans are delayed.There really isn’t much you can do to move things along, so back offand let things progress at their own pace. Your relationship with awater sign is as strong as ever and this is a good time for showingthat person just how much you care. Tension with a family member can’tbe avoided, but by adjusting your reaction you can make a bigdifference. HINT: Good week for working closely with your partnerand/or mate.
This week your thoughts turn towards work as you roll up your sleevesand prepare to tackle a new job. You love the planning stage and aregood at working out the fine details that are so necessary to success.This is a wonderful week for spending time with a young member of yourfamily. You actually enjoy each other’s company and haven’t had muchtime lately to simply sit around and talk. HINT: When dining out try tostick to simple foods rather than experimenting.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Work and family will be occupying most of your time this week and youwill have to learn how to juggle in order to fit everyone andeverything into place. You love beginning projects, but after theinitial excitement is over, you find it difficult to plod through thenecessary phases in order to see the project to completion. This weekturn to someone you trust and let them take on some of the load. Youneed some quiet time and space and this week you will have them both.HINT: A conversation with a family member will become quite personal…sobe prepared.
For some time now you have felt the need to get away for a few days inorder to clear your mind and catch up on some much needed rest. Theproblem is that right now you don’t have the time and are feeling morethan a little frustrated. In the weeks to come you will work thingsout. In the meantime plan to visit a family member who lives in anearby city. HINT: A creative project that you began months ago isstill sitting on your desk waiting to be completed. This is the timefor you to tackle the job and get it done.