STARCATCHER - Astrology for the week of June 18, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK:  Take a deep breath, count to ten and then wait a second before making your decision. Big things are happening and you don’t want to let your emotions rule your reasoning. Arm yourself with information.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GEMINI---AIRMAY 21-JUNE 21Your need to communicate is stronger than ever right now and this is a perfect time for you to get online and send out those emails and blogs. You have a lot to say, but double check that you have the facts right before hitting the ‘send’ button. Don’t let your pride prevent you from taking the first step towards healing a rift between yourself and a family member. HINT: Only you know whether or not you can afford to get deeply involved in a new relationship.
Instead of looking forward, you have been rehashing the past lookingfor answers. If you don’t have them yet, then forget about it forawhile and move on. You will be amazed at how quickly you will come upwith the answer you are seeking when you stop obsessing. Retail therapyis only as good as the money you have in the bank. If you don’t havethe cash then leave your credit card home. HINT: By nature you are a‘nester’ and hate making bold moves. This week you may have to begintaking a few baby steps.
JULY 23-August 22
This is the week for taking a stand, for moving into the spotlight andfor getting your voice heard. For too long you have been standing inthe wings. Don’t worry, the pieces will all fall naturally into placeonce you get the ball rolling. The time has come for you to stopwasting time and to get down to some serious business. The end resultwill be even better than you can imagine. HINT: Although money israther tight right now, if you plan carefully you will do just fine.
You hate treading water and for too long have had the feeling that noone is listening. Stop shouting. The quieter you are, and the more youlisten, the better right now. It isn’t always necessary to get your ownpoint-of-view across. The end of this phase in your life will bring thebeginning of a new one, so relax and be patient. HINT: When dealingwith a water sign, don’t forget just how sensitive this person is andhow long a memory he/she has.
Soon you will have the information you are missing and that is when youcan make your move. This week you must put your own needs ahead ofeveryone else if you want to be successful. Take a stand. Be forceful.You have been waiting for a long time to get back in control of yourlife and within a few months all will be settled. HINT: Anger andfrustration are not your normal emotions, but they are invigorating,aren’t they?
You feel pulled between what you are obligated to do and what you longto do. Take some time off and begin making lists. Once your thoughtsare organized you can begin crossing off the lists and ridding yourselfof some heavy, unnecessary baggage. Your family continues to supportyou and is proud of what you have accomplished. HINT: New job, newfriends, new contacts are all yours, if you are interested.
Some days you think you are all alone in the world and no one reallyunderstands you. The truth is that not only do they understand you,they are amazed at just how much you have managed to accomplish. Noteveryone is on your side, but your sense of justice and fair play willwin the day. Sit quietly and believe. The time has come for you tobegin setting some money aside ‘for a rainy day’. HINT: Even a littlechange constitutes a change—think small this time.
New career, new life, new home…you are really ready to make a big move.Before you sign anything or commit yourself, double check your plansand make certain that you aren’t jumping into the deep end. The truthis that you have been preparing for this move for almost two years andare more than ready to begin your new life.  Trust yourself but checkout the other guy. HINT: Take some time off this week and sit by a bodyof water.
Things that worried you in the past will not have as much effect on younow as you become more and more secure within yourself. You havemanaged in a very short space of time to make some big changes in yourlife and now is the time to do what is good and right for you. If youlose a friend or two along the way, then just how much of a friendcould they have been? Better to get rid of the dead weight now.Besides, new and interesting people are waiting to meet you in the nottoo distant future. HINT: Take some time off this week in order tobreathe some fire into your relationship with a partner and/or mate.
You feel pressured right now and don’t know how you are going to findthe energy or the time to get everything done. The first thing you needto do is to stop taking care of everyone else. This is your week.Wherever possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to another water signfor either emotional or physical support. You won’t be refused. HINT:Your financial situation continues to stay in the back of your mind,but things are much better than they were and finally you can begin tostart pampering yourself again.
Your whole world seems to be changing and although you are anadventurer by heart, this is even a tad too fast for you. Make certainthat you have all your paperwork in order, your affairs documented andyour team in place. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride. Your partnerand/or mate is a constant source of amazement and together you canaccomplish wonderful things. HINT: This is a good week for entertainingat home. Even a private intimate gathering will be special.
Over the next few months, try not to be so open and trustworthy. Youare fair and honest and expect the same from those you are in contactwith professionally. In the months to come you may be surprised anddisappointed by a person you trusted. Keep your eyes and ears open andyou will not be sorry. On a personal level you are surrounded by oldand new friends who keep your life interesting and full. HINT: Themiddle portion of this week is a perfect time for working on a projectwith your partner and/or mate.