STARCATCHER Astrology for the week of May 21, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Frustrated, you have the feeling that you are treading water rather than forging ahead. Take your time and pay particular attention to the fine details.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GEMINI---AIRMAY 21-JUNE 21HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This is a good time for you to put your own needs aside and to reach out to help someone else. Your vast fund of knowledge will come in handy, as you pull answers out like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. Your financial situation continues to need watching, so be careful how you spend money these days. HINT: You may find it difficult to settle down and concentrate, so plan accordingly.
CANCER---WATERJUNE 22-JULY 22The time for impulsive spending is over and for the next few weeks you have to pay close attention to where your money is going. Once you are better organized, you will be able to relax and not worry so much about your finances. Lately, you have been evaluating your relationship with a Virgo and wondering if it is really worth it. HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect days for working on a project that will tax your creative talent.
JULY 23-August 22
You are always aware of the impression you make and this week, as youconcentrate on your career, you will be asking yourself some importantquestions that need addressing. You know what you want, what you needand who you can trust. You may find it rather frustrating to wait forothers to catch on or catch up with you. Be patient and count to tenbefore getting angry. HINT: Don’t dwell on problems from the past.Instead, reach for the future.
Being always right may satisfy your ego but it will wreck havoc on someof the people you come into contact with daily. Not everyone needs orwants to be told they are wrong all the time or that your way isbetter. This is a good time for you to work alone where you canprogress at your own speed. HINT: The time is right for planning a tripin the coming months.
You are always ready to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own, butthis week you really have to put your foot down and make certain thatyou are not being taken advantage of. Not everyone plays as fair as youdo. Professionally, this is a good time for you to set up importantmeetings and make new contacts. HINT: Money and financial matters arestill far from where you would like them to be, but the truth is youare doing the best you can, so relax.
Professionally, you like to be in control and a player rather than apawn. This is a good time for you to sit down and plan the next fewmonths. Once you know the questions you need to ask, you will find thepeople who can supply the answers. HINT: Your partner and/or mate isgoing through some difficult times right now and would appreciate somehelp and understanding.
You are ready to fight for what you believe is right and your sense ofjustice and fair play cannot be compromised. Before turning aconversation into an argument, plan carefully and count your words.Professionally, you are well respected and this is a good week forputting some plans into action. HINT: As busy as you always are, youare happy to come home at night and relax with those who are mostimportant to you.
Your ability to communicate and connect with people is stronger thanever now and this is the time for you to discuss how you feel and whatyou want. Although you still have a few issues that need to be takencare of, for the most part you are well on your way to accomplishingyour goals. HINT: Within a few weeks you will have the freedom and thespace needed to relax and enjoy your life.
Professional disappointments are to be expected, but as the weeksprogress you begin to realize that you are on the right track and yourgoal is in sight. Believe in yourself and see the glass half full. Yourpartner and/or mate would love to spend more time with you, butunderstands the pressures you are under right now. HINT: Don’t expectto get much work done at home as unexpected company will be keeping youbusy
You will be spending a lot of time on insignificant matters, but nevermind. As you run around, your mind is still working and trying to findthe answers to some of your questions. Young people continue to dependon you and time spent with them this week will be unusually pleasant.HINT: Try to take some time off to rest—you’ve been burning the candleat both ends for much too long.
This is a perfect time for analyzing your financial situation and formaking some important decisions concerning your future. You tend to befocused and very practical and this is a perfect time for setting upsome important business meetings. HINT: You enjoy surrounding yourselfwith bright, creative people and a casual conversation could turn intoan interesting business venture.
The time has come for you to get out from behind your desk and makecontact with some people who are important to you professionally. Youhave a lot on your mind and this is the time to communicate your needsand interests.  A lot of activity continues to be centered around yourhome and you may find it difficult to locate a quiet corner where youcan relax. HINT: This week begins a period of pleasant social activity.