Obama: 'Judge me by where my heart lies'

US's policy of supporting terror groups belies the president's words.

US President Barack Obama at AIPAC Conference 390 (photo credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst )
US President Barack Obama at AIPAC Conference 390
(photo credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst )
US President Barack Obama’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) challenged people to judge him by his deeds, not his words. Once again, it is the rhetoric used in hope of masking the deeds that stands out in a speech that tried to convince supporters of Israel that Obama is on their side.
Reading between the lines, however, the central theme of the speech continued to apply longstanding pressure on Israel to give up land for peace, living “side by side with an independent Palestinian state.”
The president commented several times about “shifting demographics,” the “extremely difficult international environment,” and the “upheaval and uncertainty in Israel’s neighborhood.” He said, “The changes taking place in the region make peace more important, not less. And I’ve made it clear that there will be no lasting peace unless Israel’s security concerns are met.”
America’s very policies of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, even al Qaeda, in destabilizing the region are chiefly responsible for “shifting demographics,” “upheaval,” and the extreme environment now facing Israel. The entire region, thanks to this president’s policies, is far more hostile toward Israel than it has been since the 1973 Yom Kippur war. In case you are wondering how the United States of America has supported the Muslim Brotherhood and even al Qaeda, it has been documented that the current administration in Washington D.C. has, at times, engaged the Muslim Brotherhood as a ‘foreign policy partner’ and, in Libya in particular, our air support and foreign aid was going to al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The same is true in Yemen and Tunisia.  To break it down in simple terms, the US has supported these two entities militarily, politically and even financially.
At the AIPAC conference in 2009, the president’s then chief of staff told Jewish leaders that Israel’s capitulation in land for peace with the terrorist-dominated Palestinian Authority would determine the depth of pressure America would put on Iran for its nuclear weapons program. This “blackmail foreign policy” remains in effect three years later. The president touted isolating Iran when in reality his sanctions have done very little to deter Iran’s nuclear efforts. He has stalled Israel at every juncture from taking military action to prevent a nuclear Iran. He claims Arab Spring has helped undermine Iran. Truth is that it has provided opportunity for a more radical Islam in the region.
The president’s told AIPAC that “There is no shortage of speeches on the friendship between the United States and Israel. But I'm also mindful of the proverb, "A man is judged by his deeds, not his words."  So if you want to know where my heart lies, look no further than what I have done -- to stand up for Israel; to secure both of our countries; and to see that the rough waters of our time lead to a peaceful and prosperous shore.”
Indeed, judging by his deeds to find where his heart lies has in itself a double meaning. It could mean where his heart truly is, or that there are lies in his heart. His actions of destabilizing the Middle East do not match his words of concern for Israel. The truth is the president’s words are reminiscent of Jeremiah 8:11, “For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” Where does Mr. Obama’s heart lie?