Shavuot, the last holiday of the Jewish calendar year, is one of the tastiest. Try new cheeses and sauces, bake a lasagna and treat yourself to some ice cream. Have a happy holiday!

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Established by Nanny and Ernest Seyman after they moved here from France in 1985, Seyman Ltd. Food Imports has been bringing premium kosher cheeses to Israel from around the world. Nanny is dedicated to seeking out authentic and original products and, of course, Shavuot is her holiday. This year, Seyman introduces a selection of grated cheeses – Gouda, cheddar, goat Kashkaval and Swiss cheese, all ideal to use in cooking and baking. Seyman imports 30 kosher cheeses from France, Spain, England and Cyprus. Look for their products in supermarkets around the country.
Grated cheeses NIS 15.90 to NIS 18.90 for 140 grams.
When it comes to cooking for the holidays, I’m all for shortcuts. Yotvata dairy farms read my mind and added two new flavors to its line of ready-to-use cream sauces – 9% cream with hot peppers, and 13.5% cream with spinach. Both are great for pastas, potato pies, vegetable stews, quiches and more. The new flavors join Yotvata’s other sauces – four cheeses; cream & tomato; and cream & mushroom. One container of sauce is enough for 500 grams of dry pasta. Kosher lemehadrin. Available at supermarkets. NIS 10.90.
Pasta, especially lasagna, is a natural choice for a Shavuot meal, so it’s important to choose a quality pasta. Rummo, imported by Diplomat, has added lasagna noodles to its imported kosher collection. Made from durum semolina in a patented method since 1846, the pasta is excellent and adapts easily to different recipes. Contains eggs. Kosher. 500 gr. NIS 15.90 to NIS 17.90. Available at supermarkets.
Barilla suggests serving lasagna this holiday using its well-known lasagna noodles, made from durum wheat. Here is Barilla’s recipe that’s easy to make and delicious to eat: Heat oven to 180º. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper; cook half a package of lasagna noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes. Drain and arrange the pasta in one layer on the baking paper. In a bowl, mix together 300 gr. chopped spinach, ½ cup chopped basil, 2 mashed garlic cloves, salt, pepper, nutmeg, 1 container of cooking cream, 200 gr. ricotta cheese and 100 gr. shredded mozzarella. Using a lined or silicone loaf pan, spread 3 Tbsp. Barilla Napolitano sauce on the bottom. Line the pan with the pasta, leaving the noodles hanging out on all sides. Fill with a layer of the spinach mixture, top with the sauce, and cover with the pasta. Repeat, finishing with pasta and covering the lasagna with more sauce. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. Turn the lasagna onto a plate and garnish with basil leaves and grated Parmesan. Recipe by Innes Yannay. Barilla lasagna noodles NIS 15.60 to NIS 21.70. Kosher.
Osem has added penne and ptitim, two of the most popular pastas, to its Plus line, which contains 50% more protein. The protein in the new products is derived from a combination of wheat and peas. Kosher Badatz.
Strauss Dairy has added some new flavors to its other lines of dairy products. Symphonia 9% cream cheese has two new flavors: roasted peppers, and garlic. Milky puddings now boast the flavors of the popular chocolate bars Pesek Zman and Tortit. And the Splendid Blondie is a real treat for those who love the flavor of caramel. Look for them in the dairy section of the supermarket.
Master Chef has added three new Italian spreads in time for your holiday meals. The new spreads are Italian pesto made according to the original recipe from Genoa, with grana Padano cheese and 40% fresh basil; Italian pesto with tomatoes and basil, including grana Padano cheese, fresh basil and dried tomatoes; and dried tomato paste. All three are great as pasta sauces, additions to sauces, sandwich spreads and more. Available at supermarkets. Kosher. NIS 12.90
For Shavuot, Shufersal is offering a few new products in its own brand. These include a selection of authentic Greek yogurts – 2% plain; 10% plain; and three fruit yogurts (NIS 10 for two ). There is also a selection of frozen quiches from France, with various fillings such as sweet potato, mushroom, spinach and onion, which require 35 minutes of heating in the oven (NIS 24). Also available for the holiday are ready-made lasagna and cannelloni with cheese and tomato sauce (NIS 14.90), a selection of Gouda cheese with added flavors, premium pastas, special flours and more.
Strauss introduces two new irresistible flavors to its line of Magnum ice cream bars. Magnum Double Forest Fruit has three layers: two chocolate and a middle layer of berries. Magnum Double Intense Dark is 70% bitter chocolate ice cream, crusted with bitter chocolate. Kosher Badatz. NIS 8 for one ice-cream bar; NIS 22.90 for a box of six mini ice-cream bars.
The popular little Tic Tac candies are now available in larger containers of 200 candies in three flavors: mint, orange and Fruity Adventure (apple, cherry, passion fruit and strawberry). The container has two openings – a large one for sharing and the regular one for individual candies (NIS 19.90).
The company also proudly announces that its Tic Tac Mixers won the Product of the Year award. The Mixers are candies that change their flavor halfway through – peach becomes lemonade, and cherry becomes cola. Fun. NIS 5.90
Named after Annette Kellermann, the Australian swimmer who became a feminist icon after being the first woman in history to compete in a one-piece bathing suit (instead of the traditional pantaloons) at the beginning of the 20th century, Israeli swimwear company MissAnnette encourages girls to uphold their feminist agenda with pride. MissAnnette focuses on high-quality swimsuits for girls and boys, offering unique, comfortable and clean design, with humorous printed messages that may spark conversations. All the products are handmade in Israel from high-quality materials that include sunscreen SPF 50+. This year, MissAnnette added a new design named after British activist Emmeline Pankhurst, with long sleeves and hoodies for extra protection. Also in the collection are a few designs for boys. Sizes 3-12. Available online at; by phone at 050-733-0885; and at some stores. Photo: Noa Yaffe
As tradition calls for wearing white on Shavuot, the Triumph lingerie company has risen to the occasion. On offer is a lovely summer collection of crisp white underwear with lace and embroidery. Look for the bras, undies and body shapers that are fit for princesses and brides. NIS 90 to NIS 400