Ahead of Shavuot, Rivlin visits farmers in Emek Hefer region

Many farmers have suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, and fear for the future of Israeli agriculture.

David Friedman, family make thousands of Shavuot cheesecakes for elderly

Together, they worked to prepare thousands of mini-cheesecakes for the elderly and those unable to leave their homes ahead of the holiday of Shavuot.

Amir Yaron attends a ceremony whereby he is sworn in as Bank of Israel governor by Israel's Presiden
Shavuot: Time to realize financial potential

Don’t rely on the government, there's no time like the present to take control of your financial situation.

Shavuot: Time for renewal of covenant and unity

In biblical times, Shavuot was primarily an agricultural celebration.

‘HAVING CHOSEN God, the Torah is God’s response to us.’ Pictured: The Yanov Torah, rescued from the
The Israeli Har Sinai

There is a distinctly human tone to Israeli stones as opposed to the desert ‘luchot'

Torah and outer space: The odd case of black hole Sagittarius A*

Can a supermassive black hole that looms in the center of the Milky Way inspire new understandings in Judaism?

AN AMERICAN synagogue sanctuary adorned with greenery in honor of Shavuot.
Shavuot 5780: A holiday of process

Every day, we decide if we are receiving the Torah and adopting the worldview and lifestyle it proposes.

‘MOSES WITH the Ten Commandments,’ Philippe de Champaigne, 1648: Why not read them every day?
Whatever happened to the Ten Commandments?

If the sages considered the Ten Commandments so important, why did they eliminate them from the daily prayers?

THE MISHNA describes people presenting their first fruits with the fanfare of a majestic parade thro
Israel and the Diaspora share a new song for Shavuot

This active opportunity to learn Torah and ask questions is the essence of what receiving the Torah is about.

Penne, cheese, broccoli and pea quiche
Pascale's Kitchen: Shavuot pasta quiches

Children and adults alike love pasta, and so below I am offering three different recipes that combine pasta and cheese, each with a different flavor and texture.

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