The beauty routine

Discover new ways to look your best and have fun this autumn – and start planning your next vacation.

Garnier (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Dreaming of Barcelona
James Richardson Duty Free stores introduced a new premium fragrance collection – Carner Barcelona – a new addition to the niche-perfume section, which appeals to those who do not wish to “smell like everybody else.” The new brand claims to “transmit the essence of Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul – “its art, culture, the unique way in which history merges with the contemporary and the vitality of its people.”
The signature perfumes are full of character – interesting yet fresh and not overbearing – created by and for people who are “passionate about fragrances and who vibrate with how an essence makes them feel.” All the fragrances are concentrated and the flasks are minimalistic in design with clean lines and black, white or wood color stops.
The collection consists of four lines – the woody line, floral, oriental and the black collection – representing the cultural origins of the city. We tried the Costarela fragrance from the black collection and loved its subtle freshness and the fact that it is unisex, rendering top notes of bergamot and saffron, middle notes of salty sea breeze and base of cedar and amber.
Available only at James Richardson Duty Free stores, $180. Look them up next time you fly abroad.
Beauty is skin deep
Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal is a daily cleanser, scrub and mask in one. The purifying formula contains vegetal charcoal, blueberry extract and salicylic acid to cleanse skin deeply while ridding it of any excess oil and impurities. The multitasking formula is suitable for oily skin types prone to pimples and blackheads. Use daily as cleanser. Rub the skin gently as a peeler or use as mask twice a week – apply to face, leave for five minutes and wash off with water. Do not use around the eyes. NIS 29.90 during October. Available in pharmacies and supermarkets.
Scientific beauty care
As always, when it comes to Dermalogica’s products, the description sounds very scientific – but the results need no explaining. The newest product, Age Smart BioLumin-C Serum, is no different. The high-performance vitamin C serum, say the company’s experts, will optimizes skin’s own defenses to brighten, firm and help dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Utilizing the synergy between an advanced bio-technology and an ultra-stable vitamin C complex, the serum enhances bio-availability of vitamin C to fight the appearance of skin aging before it starts. The optimized delivery system, combined with a peptide and AHA, renews for brighter, firmer, more radiant skin. Smooth over cleansed face and neck morning and night after toning and before moisturizing. NIS 536, available at licensed beauty centers only. Call 073-210-2030 for one near you.
Good cover
The leading mens’ hair-dyeing firm Just for Men recently launched in Israel a new line of oxygen and ammonia-free hair dye, in an easy-to-use reusable home package. The coloring is short and easy to use and takes only five to 10 minutes. The natural-looking shades include medium brown, dark brown, black-brown and black. The product provides full coverage of gray hair and results last up to six weeks. NIS 59.90. Available at the Superpharm stores.
Fight hair loss
Losing one’s hair is disturbing and for some even stressful. This problem, common with men and women at a certain age, is the result of many factors – first and foremost, hereditary, but also health conditions, nutritional deficiencies and more.
Vichy has recently introduced, for men or women, new ampoules that aim to strengthen the roots of the hair. Their new Anti Hair-Loss Innovation – Aminexil Clinical 5 is, according to the company’s experts, an exclusive combination of Aminexil, an anti-hair loss agent with proven clinical efficacy, with five active ingredients for comprehensive action. It helps anchor hair in the scalp, promotes strong, resistant fibers, reduces micro-imbalances of the scalp and boosts the scalp’s resistance. The new product is produced in ampoules for daily use during six weeks. According to the company, the product is clinically proven to reduce hair loss. After three weeks, the scalp is strengthened and hair becomes more resistant and stronger.
Use one mono-dose a day for six weeks. For long-term results, continue with three mono-doses per week. NIS 299 for 21 ampoules. Available in private pharmacies.
Pretty pout
MAC introduced a new line of lipsticks – Plenty of Pout – that wraps the lips with a creamy and lustrous formula consisting of invigorating ginger root extract, as well as plant-based oils such as avocado, that both plump the lips and hydrate them. The company suggests using a clear lip gloss on top for more fresh looking lips. The shades, as always when it comes to MAC, are gorgeous. NIS 117 at the MAC stores.
Fuller lips
Formulated with Volulip to visibly enhance size of lips overtime, Revlon’s new Kiss Plumping Lip Crème will make lips look fuller and smoother in one gentle, easy step. With this innovative product, Revlon introduces a new approach to lipstick. The new product was developed as an answer to the full-lips trend of recent years. The patented formula helps create a fuller look for a long time while also giving a cool “minty” sensation; the finish is smooth and shiny. Available in 10 dashing shades, this lip cream comes in a squeezable tube with a thin tip that helps make the application very easy. NIS 39.90.
Reusable makeup remover
Instead of using makeup cleansers, Maelys suggests using a specially designed cloth that can be used repeatedly with water only. The new patented Maelys Make Up Eraser is a multi-use cloth handcrafted from polyester, designed to pull the makeup away from face, using two different sides – one with longer fibers and one with shorter ones. According to the company, the fibers leave the skin clean and fresh. Use to remove all makeup – including long-lasting – with no harm to skin. This product is especially good for sensitive skin.
The cloth can be washed in the washing machine up to 1,000 times. Great for traveling. Wash before the first use. Before each cleansing, soak the cloth in warm water. Remove makeup and dirt using the short-fiber side first, with circular movements, then turn to the other side and rub the skin gently. NIS 169 for a two-cloth package. Available at
The holidays came early this year
OPI launched its holiday season collection early this year, getting inspiration from the new Disney movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. The fantasy film, inspired by the famous Christmas fairytale, is visually stunning, and the new nail polish collection is accordingly classy in shades of deep red and dark green, crispy white and fairytale purple, royal blue and other fall colors, as well as three golden and metallic glittery shades. All the new shades come in both regular polish and gel. NIS 65, available in April stores and other beauty centers.
Intensive and effective
Local beauty chain Sacara launched a line of peel-off facial masks that target different skin issues. The black mask provides deep cleansing, the gold mask makes skin glow for added glamour, and the silver mask hydrates skin and add firmness. The three masks are intensive, making skin look tighter and refreshed, thanks to a combination of minerals and herbal essences. Spread a thick layer on the face, avoiding your eyes and hairline, let dry for 20 to 25 minutes and peel off. Wash with water and apply hydrating cream. NIS 24.90, available in Sacara stores around the country.