The gift of love

Will it be a bottle of rose wine? A heart-shaped box of bonbons or a new scent? Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread love in the middle of winter.

Clinique (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Red and pink
Nothing says romance more than a pink wine. If ever anything can get me in the mood for romance, it is a glass of chilled pink bubbly – and the Yarden Rose is a wonderful choice for any celebration. The 2012 Yarden Rose presents lovely aromas of strawberries, green apples, lemon zest and wild flowers, with nice minerality and good acidity – it is my choice for this year’s day of love. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the wine is made in the traditional method used in champagne, including hand picking of the grapes. NIS 135.
Another wonderful choice is the 2018 Galil Mountain Rose – the perfect wine to accompany a light romantic meal. With a very pretty pink color, the fresh wine, a blend of Sangiovese, Syrah, Barbera and Grenache has fruity aromas and is well balanced. (NIS 50).
The Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my favorite wines for a special meal. The Californian wine is rich and dark, with aromas of berries and vanilla, and juicy fruit flavors, it is perfect served with a rich meal of beef casseroles or rich cheeses, as well as good chocolate. Love it.
Heart-shaped and sweet
A heart-shaped box of lovely bonbons is especially romantic and one of the best options is of course the Ferrero Rocher heart-shaped golden box – with 10 yummy pralines made from milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Each praline is different, offering layers of flavors and textures. NIS 21, kosher.
Love yourself
As every year, Triumph launches a sexy collection for Valentine’s Day. This year the brand celebrates love with colorful collection focused on red bras, but also purple and turquoise. And if it is romance we are talking about – try the brand’s best-selling classic Amourette lace bra. Just wearing it will make you fall in love with yourself.
Get that perfect pout
For a gal that loves make up, Clinique has a special Valentine’s Day box of four new Dramatically Different lipsticks for only NIS 149. The new Shaping Lip Color lipsticks are offered in natural pink, bright red, nude and raspberry red.
Fall in love with Tommy
Actually quite fresh and easy to wear, the new scents by Tommy Hilfiger for men and women launched in time for Valentine’s Day celebrate optimism and a fresh outlook. The Tommy Now for men is a spiced-woody fragrance with top notes of citrus and bergamot, and the Tommy Girl Now is a fresh floral scent with secondary notes of mint and mandarine. NIS 199, available only at the Superpharm stores.
Brush it on
Makeup brushes used to be very expensive – but not anymore. The low-cost Beautycare chain now introduces the “must-have” brushes at very accessible prices. For instance – their Kabuki brush, with soft and dense synthetic fibers, and angular head, perfect for foundation and shimmers at NIS 10.90; a blush and powder brush costs only NIS 9.90. The company also launched a new brush bag that will hold the brushes on your vanity table and also keep them safe in your handbag, for NIS 19.90. Available at Beautycare stores:
Exotic ingredients
Add radiance to your face using a facial mask from Jeunesse Global Israel Luminesce line. The facial mask incorporates anti-oxidating elements with advanced technologies of growth hormones that continue to work after you remove the mask. The unique formula includes exotic botanical ingredients and sugars that help smooth fine lines and deeply hydrate the skin. For best results, the company recommends using a gel cleanser before applying the mask, apply a thin layer of the mask to face and neck, wait 15 to 20 minutes, peel the mask off, remove residue with warm water and apply serum. Use one to two times a week. NIS 340, available at licensed distributors. Call (09) 899-9766.
C the difference
Vitamin C has recently made a comeback into cosmetic creams. Apparently, research has shown that it promotes production of collagen in the skin. The problem used to be keeping the perishable vitamin active. But the cosmetic companies have managed to overcome this problem and so we can enjoy the benefits. Try Tapuach Vitamin C Moisturizing cream with SPF 25 – it is light and feels good, and according to the manufacture, helps not only collagen production but also promotes growth of healthy skin and neutralizes free radicals. NIS 140, available only at licensed beauty centers. Call for one near you: 1-700-70-74-78.
Nano beauty
Israeli cosmetic company Magiray introduced Wrinkle Away – an enriched lifting cream that works to slow down aging signs. Using nano technologies, the cream contains omega 3 and 6 produced from blackberries, and rich with vitamin C. Also included in the formula are tri-peptides, Nano-peptides, shea butter and extracts of tomato, green tea, seaweed, aloe Vera and salts from the Dead Sea. NIS 219 available only at licensed beauty centers
Relax at Café Louise
Take a moment to relax with Café Louise’s new infusion – caffeine-free Turmeric and citrus (NIS 16). A perfect infusion for the winter, it cleanses toxins and strengthens the immune system. Another new infusion offered by Café Louise is the chai made from black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and clove – all of which are considered “warm” spices that help indigestion, and some believe also help memory and reduce cholesterol. Made for Café Louise by Israeli Tea, a family business that has been growing herbs and spices for three generations. The company employs special-needs workers who pack the infusions by hand. Café Louise is a chain of café-restaurants and delicatessens known for their health-oriented foods – breads, cakes, spreads and drinks.
Easy does it
Celebrity baker Erez Komarovsky took time off his many initiatives to cooperate with Sugat and together they developed three cake mixes that are worth having in the pantry. The new line includes Brownies mix that we tried and loved; a chocolate cake mix that is great to have at home for emergencies (such as a surprise visit of grandkids or a forgotten birthday at the kindergarten), and a pancake mix, which honestly is necessary only if you really don’t know how to mix flour and baking powder, but does make preparation a little bit shorter. Available in supermarkets around the country. NIS 12.90 to NIS 14.90.
American sale
S. C. Johnson and Shufersal announced a special sale – buy at least two of Johnson’s products, answer a few questions and you’ll be eligible to participate in a raffle and maybe win a Dyson vacuum. There will be one winner per day. Among the brands participating in the raffle are Reid, Pledge, Duck, Glade and more. Until February 25.