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Dating - Why everything is freezing, and not just the weather

Now it’s 2021 and nothing is as you envisioned.

A woman loads laundry into the washing machine at a laundromat in Cambridge, Massachusetts July 2009

Lack of help in household chores drives women to infidelity, study finds

Rather than indicating a somewhat petty excuse for infidelity, the findings actually reflect growing sense of dissatisfaction in many marriages.

The pandemic has posed a great challenge to singles looking for love.

Dating in the time of coronavirus

The pandemic poses serious challenges for young singletons looking to find a match.


Dating app-induced FOMO causes low self-esteem, bad moods - study

Over 80% of single students use dating apps, with about 25% of secular students entering an app over five times a day and 15% of religious students doing the same.

Points of Contact: Helping Anglos wed

Points of Contact is a closed Facebook group of more than 560 volunteer matchmakers (called Point People) working primarily on behalf of marriage-minded religious Anglo-Israelis.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Is that a COVID-19 mask you're wearing or are you happy to see me?

Coronavirus has changed dating and presented new challenges to those looking to find love.

Dear Matchmaker: Harassing behavior, photo shoots & multiple setups

We welcome you to submit your questions about dating, online profiles, dating etiquette, relationships and more.


New dating site allows Jewish mothers to set up dates for their children

In addition to bringing parental matchmaking to the modern era, all the dates are pre-paid.

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OkCupid to launch campaign expressing dating issues important to Israelis

The campaign will use Idan Barzilay's artwork to create colorful animations that in turn will help bring people with similar opinions or beliefs together, in an artistic way.

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