tu be'av

Tu Be'Av: Israelis married less and younger in 2020

6,746 couples including at least one partner who was registered with the Population Authority got married abroad in 2020.


Jerusalem highlights August 5-11

What's new to do in Israel's capital?

Tu Be'av: How this Israeli couple was matched together by a chatbot

An Israeli nonprofit called Algo designed this particular chatbot for the purpose of matchmaking on WhatsApp. 

By Leah Hakimian
 Elior and Leah Ben-Baruch

A match made in Jerusalem’s coronavirus ward

“Love conquers all – even the insanity of COVID-19."

Steaming hot products for the summer

Popsicles, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies: Here are all the things you'll need to get your summer started.

A NEW bride and groom visit a blossoming almond grove in Latrun on their wedding day in 2019.

Half of Israel Jews prefer not to get married in an Orthodox ceremony

The Hiddush Association conducted a survey about how Israeli Jews prefer to get married.

The walls of the city of Jerusalem in the days of the First Temple.

A reflection of Jewish dissent in the month of Av

"The hope Tu Be'av instills in us helps to ensure that the future of our country moves past those who wish our destruction."

A COUPLE enjoys Tu Be'av in 2020

Celebrating love on Tu Be'av

After having fallen out of practice for centuries, today Tu Be’av is experiencing a bit of a rebirth in Israel

'AN AFFAIR to remember'

Romantic Movies to be screened at Cinematheque for Tu Be'av

The series of 20 movies that will be shown throughout 10 days features classics and recent films

An illustrative photo of a Jewish wedding in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tu Be'Av 2021: 48,056 couples were married in Israel in 2019

Only about 69% of the couples married in Israel in 2019 were Jewish, according to new data.

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