Star Catcher Astrology for the week of August 29, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: You may discover yourself mulling over serious matters this week rather than dwelling on inconsequential thoughts that flit through your mind.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Things may not be moving along as smoothly as you had hoped, but since there I nothing that can be done at the present, there is no point in getting upset. You have all the pieces positioned firmly in place and when the time is right, you will know it. In the meantime, use this lull to rest and spend time with family and close friends. It has been far too long since you took a real vacation and you can use the break.
HINT: Financially things may be a bit complicated where money is concerned, but here too all is under control and in the very near future things will begin to flow once more.
For the past few weeks you have had the feeling that your life, instead of moving smoothly forward is stuck in a ‘stop and go’ mode. Although things are definitely improving, you still need to be patient a little while longer. In the meantime, use the ‘stop’ time to re-asses your situation and search for the little things you may have missed along the way. Some careful investigation now could save you a lot of aggravation in the future.
HINT: Time spent with an Aries will be anything but boring.
You sometimes have the feeling that you are standing between a rock and a hard place. You are very aware of what you want to do and also have the tools to accomplish great things. What you may not have is enough time and/or money. This may be the week for examining all your options rather than for signing on the dotted line. A conversation with a colleague will lift your spirits and this is the week for bonding with the people you admire the most.
HINT: Take some time during the middle portion of this week to sit back and relax. You could use the break.
You have a great deal on your mind and serious matters such as finances and siblings come into that category.
Do what you can; recognize what you can’t; and walk away. Things have a way of working themselves out and the less said right now, the better. Before you commit yourself to a project which, even in your estimation, is costly, consider the pros and cons and wait a few days. If you still feel the same way later, then, trust your instincts and make your move.
HINT: Time spent with a Leo may bring up old issues…are you certain you want to go through all that again?
ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21-APRIL 19 You may not be reaching as many people as you would like, however, you are reaching more than you imagined. Keep up the good work. Your understanding of the situation far outshines those around you and soon more and more people will turn to you for consultation and advice. Think twice before responding. Financially you need to pay closer attention to your expenses as not everything on the list was absolutely necessary.
HINT: Your partner and/or mate continues to stand firmly beside you and is willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need.
Take some time this week to make lists and put things in order.
In the weeks to come you will be so busy and the more organized you are the more efficient you will be. There is still time to register for a class or two you have been considering. Although the subject matter you choose may not be important to you professionally, it is however very important to you spiritually. Not everything you do needs be connected to finances…sometimes your spiritual growth outranks everything else.
HINT: Good week for keeping some of your innermost thoughts and ideas close to your heart. So, talk a lot but say little.
Although it may take a bit more time before you can put your plans into action, you continue to gather information, solidify professional and personal connections and examine your options. Once the pieces of the puzzle are firmly in place you will make your move. In the meantime enjoy some quiet time, away from your desk, with a few very close friends and family members. When talking to a person you respect professionally, remember that the feeling is mutual so hold your head up high.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for meeting friends and colleagues for a light meal and friendly chat.
Although you continue putting in long, hard hours, you are grateful to be busy and happy to be surrounded by people you love and trust. This is a good week for getting organized and going through your closets and desk. Financially you have things under control and if you continue being cautious about unnecessary spending, you should have the money you need for either a major purchase in your home or a trip you have been dreaming of.
HINT: You are blessed with a group of friends who support you professionally, enjoy spending time with you personally and are as loyal as you are in return.
Great week for starting a diet or joining a gym as your appearance is becoming more important to you. It isn’t so much that you are vain as it is a matter of feeling good and being more in control of your life.
Don’t let the doubters torpedo your goals. The last laugh is yours. Time spent over the past few weeks with old, dear friends is just what you needed in order to hone in on your goals and reach for the stars. Nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it.
HINT: If you continue watching your finances for another couple of weeks, not only will you be in a great position, but will be able to put some cash aside for a trip you want to take.
For the last few weeks you have felt emotionally frazzled, physically tired but surprisingly spiritually uplifted as you realize that there is definitely a plan and it is coming to fruition. Soon all your hard work will make the journey well worth the effort. Take a little time to be by yourself. You need the space in order to recharge and rest.
HINT: Financially you may have been spending a bit more than you had originally planned, but don’t worry everything really is under control. And, if all fails your partner and/or mate is more than ready to lend a helping hand or bail you out.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
This may not be the best time to get involved professionally with a fire sign as this person is having a bit of a problem making up their mind. If you take a step back and wait a bit you will be rewarded with a fabulous friend and wonderful professional colleague. In the meantime try to be patient with an older member of your family. This person means well but is stuck in an old routine and finds it difficult understanding your flamboyance, enthusiasm and vast knowledge.
HINT: Make arrangements to discuss your plans with your partner and/or mate on Saturday or Sunday.
Good week for spending some quiet time at home surrounded by your favorite things.
The peace and quiet are just what you need at this place in time and will help you relax after a busy day as well as leave your mind free to think and plan. You have great ideas and are willing to move slowly in order to attain your goals. When speaking with another earth sign, don’t let ego get in the way of a potentially wonderful friendship. It is true this person is rather domineering and loves to dwell on minutia, but they have a heart of gold and deep down only want to be appreciated.
HINT: Be patient with a partner and/ or mate…you won’t be disappointed.