Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of September 11 2015

Virgo: Things are definitely moving in the right direction and although you may not feel any great change, the road is smooth and comfortable.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Things are definitely moving in the right direction and although you may not feel any great change, the road is smooth and comfortable.
Problems with a younger member of your family will ease up once you can make a few minor adjustments in your way of thinking. It isn’t that you are wrong, but that you are too occupied with minor details.
Nothing and no one is perfect.
Time to move.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will spend some time thinking of times past when you were younger.
You are full of ideas and plans concerning your personal life and if anything important is on the fire, deal with it now or wait a few weeks.
Your life continues to move peacefully toward your eventual goals and the only cloud in the sky is still your concern about money and financial matters. In the coming months this too will ease up as your partner and/ or mate will be able to lend a hand in planning as well as bringing in some useful cash.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will enjoy spending time with friends and people who are dear to you.
You stand solidly behind your decisions and within a short period of time will be able to reap the rewards of months of intense and hard work. You have gathered a strong team of supporters along the way and this is a good time for you to show your appreciation. Time spent with a Capricorn will not be wasted as this person not only has brilliant ideas but is willing to work closely together with you to see the project safely through to the end.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will think of all you have accomplished and how much you can share with those you love.
Take this week to wind things down so that by the weekend you are free to relax and enjoy your family and friends.
Your ideas have passed beyond the dream stage and are now quickly becoming a reality.
Pace yourself, and try to put some balance back into your life. Too much work has left you exhilarated and exhausted. It is the exhausted you need to take care of. Financially you are rather stressed at this point but money is on the way, so don’t worry. It will arrive in time.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you are free to enjoy all you have and still dream of fantasies yet to make real.
You have so much that you are grateful for and this is a perfect week for you to express your appreciation to a handful of people who have accompanied you along your journey.
The path wasn’t always smooth but your determination and strength never faltered. Now is the time for you to slow down the pace and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. Professionally, this is a good time to think about taking a course or two.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will think of some changes you want to make as you work together with your partner and/or mate.
You are thinking about making some changes professionally and for the time being take your time and test the waters.
Many of your questions have already been answered and when the time is right you will know it. Faraway places beckon to you and soon you will be ready to make a trip you have dreamed about.
For now continue putting money aside and checking out all your options.
You enjoy a good relationship with your colleagues, co-workers and employers.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will especially enjoy time with your partner and/or mate.
Both family and friends appreciate your kindness, your sense of humor and your love. But for far too long you have been overworked with precious little time to socialize.
Use the space coming up this week in order to catch up on close relationships.
In the weeks to come you will, once again be working on a major project which will demand a great deal of thought, time and labor.
Financially you continue to be cautious which will help you over the next few weeks.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will be busy entertaining and being entertained.
Take some time from your busy schedule this week to listen carefully to what your partner and/or mate is saying. This person has your best interest at heart and is capable of seeing both sides of any situation, making them a perfect mediator. A troublesome situation is about to calm down and soon you will be able to work things out and get back to normal.
Financially you may be spending a bit too much on gifts, but you can afford it.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah young people fill your heart with joy as they continue to amaze you.
Be patient with your partner and/ or mate. This person is busy with their own things right now but that does not mean that they don’t care. Actually, the opposite is true. And as the weeks and months go by the time you spend together becomes more amazing as you reach out to each other and share. For the past few months you have been extremely busy working on multiple projects, but now, as things slow down, you have the opportunity to enjoy some quiet restful time.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you surround yourself with family… both new and old.
Your schedule is easing up and this is the time for taking care of personal business, tying off loose ends and working on your financial situation. By the end of the week you will either not have the patience, whereby costly mistakes might be made, or you will be busy with other matters. Your creativity level is as strong as ever and if you pace yourself you will be surprised at just how much you accomplish and how much you like what you have done.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will be spending time with siblings and neighbors who have become like family.
Finally completing a major piece of work which you have been working on, on and off, for far too long, you are now finally free to let your imagination soar and begin something new and exciting. You know what you want, so go for it! Family is always uppermost on your mind and this week you will be able to do something special not only for the adults but for the children as well.
Financially you are concerned, but you know that by the time the bills will arrive you will have the necessary cash.
HINT: This Rosh HaShannah you will sit peacefully surrounded by the people you care about the most.
You have been spending a bit more than you anticipated, but bills had to be paid and gifts had to be bought. Now cut back. This week you will feel a positive shift in the way you look at things and your enthusiasm and optimism will become contagious as more and more people phone and visit. Professionally you are almost to where you wish to be.
Be patient. Soon all will fall gently into place. A conversation with a sibling will remind you both just how cherished the relationship is.
HINT: This Rosh HaShanah you will remember those who are no longer with you but not with sadness… with joy at all you shared.